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How Big Is Galaxy S8 Launch? This Big

Although it will face serious competition from the tenth anniversary iPhone 8 in 2017, the Galaxy S8 will easily be the Android phone to beat this year. In fact, Samsung is placing a big bet on it, to the tune of 60 million.

The company expects to ship that many of its flagship phone this year, according to Korea's The Investor.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

To put that number in perspective, The Investor reports that this goal is considerably higher than the shipment totals for the Galaxy S7 thus far, which is about 48 million. The last time Samsung surpassed 60 million with a phone it was 2013 with the Galaxy S4.

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Expected to deubt in mid-April, the Galaxy S8 could sport a design that's almost all screen in the front and integrate a fingerprint sensor in the panel itself. The S8 will also likely feature Samsung's new AI assistant, which may be called Bixby, dual cameras on the back and the latest Snapdragon 835 processor.

The S8 might also be powerful enough to double as a PC, as one leak suggests it could provide a desktop-like experience when connected to a monitor.

While the shipment estimate may seem high, remember that Samsung had to pull the Galaxy Note 7 from the market due to fires, so there's likely pent-up demand from those shoppers. In fact, there's a rumor that at least one variant of the S8 will offer pen input.

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