Galaxy S10 Colors: Here’s What You Can Get Where

Our reviews of the Galaxy S10s are up (we got our hands on the Prism White model), and we've got to hand it to Samsung for drastically improving its style game.

Not only does Samsung’s latest phone come in some ultra-cool colors — Flamingo Pink and Canary Yellow don't ruffle our feathers at all — but a pair of Ceramic models have also caught our eye.

Galaxy S10 Colors: Models and Availability

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Row 0 - Cell 0 ModelsAvailability
Prism BlackS10, S10+, S10eWorldwide
Prism WhiteS10, S10+, S10eWorldwide
Prism BlueS10, S10+, S10eWorldwide
Flamingo PinkS10, S10+, S10eWorldwide, except for UK
Prism GreenS10, S10+, S10eWorldwide, except for US
Canary YellowS10eWorldwide, except for US
Ceramic BlackS10+ (512GB, 1TB model only)Worldwide
Ceramic WhiteS10+ (512GB, 1TB model only)Worldwide

One note: Samsung is also releasing a 5G version of the Galaxy S10, but hasn’t listed what colors this 6.7-inch phone will come in. We’ll update this story  once we know.

Prism Black and Prism Blue

All models, worldwide

If you've seen any of Samsung's previous Galaxy devices, you won't be surprised here. These are the standard hues offered for Samsung's flagship phones in recent years.

Prism White

All models, worldwide

One of Samsung's big shockers, though, is its new Prism White colorway, which isn't exactly white, since it includes delightful hints of blue and pink. It reminds me of summer, specifically of a sherbert or italian ice, with a really soft, calm vibe.

Flamingo Pink

All models; worldwide except for the U.K.

Probably the hottest color of the pack, Samsung's Pink Flamingo is a color so cool that it might pull off a first — turning a Samsung phone into a fashion item. Specifically, Samsung is using a version of Pantone's 2019 color of the year, Living Coral. If you're in the U.S. and looking for a trendy colorway, this is the phone for you. (U.K. users will not be able to think pink, according to Samsung.)

Also, while the Flamingo Pink S10's remind us of the Coral iPhone XR, it's also an example of how Samsung's stylistic flourish beats Apple's. While the Coral iPhone (and most of the XR line) felt a bit too made-for-kids, this Pink feels more refined and adult.

Prism Green

All models; worldwide except for the U.S.

This one's kinda awkward. Prism Green, available to all regions except for the U.S., is a really dark forest green that only looks green in direct light. While some may feel left out that they can't order it, it's not a huge bummer for the rest of us.

Canary Yellow  

S10e only; worldwide except for the U.S.

Extremely reminiscent of the yellow iPhone XR, the Canary Yellow Galaxy S10e is both intriguing and frustrating. While we love its sharp, eye-catching swath of color, we're let down by its availability. Samsung's limiting this color to just the Galaxy S10e, and this hue won't be available to U.S. shoppers.

Ceramic Black, Ceramic White

S10+ (512GB, 1TB) only; worldwide

Ceramic phones are something of a high-end item, and that trend will continue on these S10+ handsets, only available at the two top prices. These 512GB and 1TB handsets will offer strong, nearly pure, colors, with the glass that's overlaid on top of the casing only barely muting the hue.

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