The Galaxy S10 5G May Not Be as Expensive as We Feared

We now know how much the Galaxy S10 5G is going to cost, at least in one of the countries where the 5G-capable phone is set to debut.

Samsung today (April 1) announced a starting price for the Galaxy S10 5G in South Korea, where the phone will go on sale this Friday (April 5). SamMobile, which reported on Samsung's announcement, says that the 256GB version of the phone will cost 1.39 million won, which converts to roughly $1,226 in U.S. dollars. A second Galaxy S10 5G, this one with 512GB of storage will cost 1.55 million won (about $1,367).

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That's certainly not a cheap phone, but it's not dramatically higher than what Samsung charges for the Galaxy S10 Plus, which starts at $999 and scales up to $1,599 if you buy the 1TB version. Phone makers rarely use straight currency conversions when setting prices, instead adjusting price tags for specific regions. Still, the S10 5G's price in Korea should offer some reassurance that the phone's cost in the U.S. should only be a modest step up from the S10 Plus, when it finally arrives in this country.

We still don't know what that U.S. ship date will be for the Galaxy S10 5G. Verizon, which will be the first carrier to offer Samsung's 5G phone, is set to flip the switch on its 5G wireless network on April 11, but only in Chicago and Minneapolis. It's widely believed that the S10 5G will debut on Verizon's network once more cities are offering 5G service.

Verizon has promised to bring 5G connectivity to 30 cities before the end of 2019, but the Galaxy S10 5G will likely arrive on Verizon's network long before then. Both Samsung and Verizon say the phone will arrive in the U.S. in the first half of the year, launching on Verizon first before coming to other carriers.

The 5G version of Samsung's Galaxy S10 will be capable of delivering faster data speeds, at least where 5G towers are accessible. (And where they aren't, an LTE modem inside Samsung's phone will ensure that you're still getting speedy 4G data.) But that's not the only feature Samsung is building into this version.

The Galaxy S10 5G features a 6.7-inch display, dwarfing the 6.4-inch screen of the Galaxy S10 Plus, currently the largest model in Samsung's S10 lineup. The 5G version of the phone also features a bigger battery — 4,500 mAh to the 4,100 mAh power pack in the S10 Plus — presumably to compensate for the power strain of the faster 5G network. A time-of-flight sensor included with the S10 5G's rear cameras should mean snazzier portrait effects as well.

The 256GB model of the Galaxy S10 5G will come in Crown Silver, Majestic Black and Royal Gold. The 512GB version will feature only those first two colors. It's unclear at this point if that color scheme will be the one Samsung offers in the U.S.

The S10 5G is just one device in what's shaping up to be a busy spring for Samsung. In addition to last month's Galaxy S10 launch, the company will start selling the Galaxy Fold on April 26.

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