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AT&T Cancels All Galaxy Fold Preorders, Issues $100 Promo Card

Updated 8:05 am ET: Added status of Galaxy Fold on AT&T's site.

Another retailer is cancelling Galaxy Fold pre-orders, as we're still waiting for Samsung to set a new release date for its foldable smartphone.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

AT&T has sent out notices to anyone who preordered the $1,980 Galaxy Fold, informing them that their foldable phone order has been cancelled. Customers who preordered the device will be able to place their orders again once Samsung sets a new launch date.

Tom's Guide had placed its Galaxy Fold order through AT&T, and we received our cancellation notice today (June 12). We've confirmed that the email has gone out to other customers with Fold preorders, too.

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The email from AT&T says that orders are being cancelled because "Samsung delayed the release of the phone, which means we can't ship your phone." The email also promises a $100 AT&T Promotional Card which will be sent to preorder customers within 60 days.

The Galaxy Fold was supposed to ship at the end of April, but reviewers given early access to the device started running into trouble with the Fold's screen. While some problems occurred when reviewers inadvertently removed a protective covering that was supposed to remain in place, other issues appear to have been caused by material that got through a gap in the phone's hinge.

Right now if you go to the Galaxy Fold page on AT&T, it says "Out of Stock," which makes it seem like the phone is sold out when in fact there is no stock because the phone's very existence is in limbo.

Credit: AT&T

(Image credit: AT&T)

AT&T isn't the first to cancel Fold preorders. Best Buy cancelled customer orders a few weeks ago, and even Samsung gave its preorder customers until the end of May to confirm that they still wanted to go through with orders.

Samsung's DJ Koh said back in a May interview that the company had resolved the issues with the Galaxy Fold and that it would soon announce a new launch date. But we've yet to hear anything official from the company, apart from a Cnet report earlier this week in which the company promised to announce a new release date in "the coming weeks." That suggests the Fold wouldn't launch until July at the earliest, but the fact that AT&T is cancelling orders now suggests a new launch date isn't coming any time soon.

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