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Confirmed: Samsung Revealing Foldable Galaxy UX Today

Updated Nov. 7 at 7:57 am ET: We've added info on how to live stream Samsung's developer conference keynote.

Teasers no more. Samsung has confirmed that its Galaxy foldable phone’s technology will be shown at the Samsung Developer Conference, which will start in San Francisco today.

You can live stream the Samsung Developer conference opening keynote starting at 1 am ET/10 am PT right here on YouTube.

Credit: Samsung Concept

(Image credit: Samsung Concept)

Discovered by Samsung fan site SamMobile in the SDC app, the description for the conference’s “New Galaxy UX” track openly talks about it:

“Introducing Samsung Mobile’s next UX. Explore the new Galaxy UX with Android 9.0 Pie (Beta Program) and see how a Foldable display creates a totally new experience.”

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Even while we may not see the final product that consumers will see in 2019, it’s almost impossible that Samsung doesn’t show a prototype to developers: even while Samsung and Google are reportedly working together on the user experience for the foldable phone.

Credit: SamMobile

(Image credit: SamMobile)

The new flexible design will require apps to adjust on the fly from a 4.6-inch display when the phone is folded to a full 7.3-inch display when its fully open. Android developers will have to jump on board and get ready to make their apps working with the new foldable screen.

It is not clear yet if the phone will be designed to be opened vertically, horizontally, or both. There are no details about how apps will morph from folded to unfolded mode, or if the phone will have an extra external display to be used when folded.

In addition to the need to entice and sign up developers, a Korean business newspaper confirmed that Samsung has already finalized the design of the foldable technology and everything is ready to go.

Samsung will only be one of many brands releasing a consumer foldable phone in 2019, along with LG and most probably Huawei.

We will see how advanced the phone really is as early as tomorrow.

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