How to Use Facebook's Security Checkup

The last things any Facebook user wants is to have his or her account taken over by someone else. Whether it happens because you forgot to log out of a device, or because someone figured out your password, the potential damage could be very significant.

Thankfully, Facebook has made a relatively new feature called Security Center, which helps users lock down their accounts, available to all members. However, the directions can be a bit confusing.

How to Use Facebook Security Checkup

1. Log into Facebook and browse to

2. Click Start Security Checkup.

3. Select Review Logins in the Unused Apps section.

4. Uncheck the boxes next to the apps you want to stay logged into -- NOT those to you want to log out of.

5. Click the Log Out button. This logs you out of the apps that are still checked.

6. Click Turn On Alerts Under the Login Alerts section, or simply click the white space near it.

7. Uncheck boxes next to the login-alert options you do NOT want to use.

8. Click the white space anywhere in that section to confirm your changes. Do NOT click Turn Off Alerts.

9. Select Turn Off Alerts ONLY if you want to turn off all alerts.

10. Select Read Password Tips in the Protect Your Password section.

11. Select Change Password if your password is weak, easy to guess or used elsewhere.

12. Type in your existing password, then enter a new, stronger password if you're changing your password.

13. Click Save.

Congratulations, you've passed your Security Checkup!

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