E3 Day 2: What You Missed

Nintendo's puppet show was a bizarre, and confusing, highlight to yesterday's (June 16) E3 video game conference. We also got our hands on some pretty compelling virtual reality hardware and new games (Star Wars Battlefront rocks!). We just wish the first-ever PC Gaming Show were more compelling. At least we got the scoop on the big-name titles coming to Windows 10. Check out what else you missed from day two. 

Nintendo Created a Puppet Show

Taking the cake as the most bizarre opening to an E3 news conference, Nintendo's press conference was hosted almost entirely by puppets. CEO Satoru Iwata, COO Reggie Fils-Aime and designer Shigeru Miyamoto appeared in an opening video in puppet form before transforming into various animals, one of which was used to introduce the new Star Fox game, which was 18 years in the making. From Zelda, Mario and Yoshi to Fire Emblem, there are so many new games for Wii U and 3DS that you're just going to have to read the full story to learn about all of them. Oh, and did we mention that we can't wait to play with the new Skylanders SuperChargers and Animal Crossing toy crossovers?

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PC Gaming Show Fails to Impress

We weren't sure what to expect from the first-ever PC Gaming Show. Unfortunately, the 2.5 hours of late-night-talk-show-like presentations fell flat and failed to reveal much news. Microsoft's Phil Spencer salvaged the evening by revealing some big-name Xbox One games that will be making their way to Windows 10. Specifically, we're excited to play Killer Instinct and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Fable Legends and Gigantic will also get cross-platform support. 

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Merge VR Headset Put Us in the Cockpit

This purple, smartphone-powered headset is made of surprisingly soft, antimicrobial foam. When the headset becomes available this holiday season for $129, you may find yourself just as immersed as we were during our hands-on time with it. It works with Android and iOS devices, and will ship with a VR controller remote. We flew high in the Faceted Flight game and were impressed with our own barrel-roll abilities.

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Square Enix Showed Off Solid Lineup, Few Details

Proving you don't have to be revolutionary to put out good products, Square Enix offered up a solid lineup of games at E3. A partnership between Square Enix and Platinum Games will produce an intriguing, and as-yet-unnamed, game this fall that looks like it could be a dark, action RPG. Lara Croft and Kingdom Hearts Unchained will go mobile this year. We're excited by the December release of the violent Hitman, and the new RPG Project Setsuna looks like a beautiful watercolor painting. However, release dates and story lines for many of the company's titles remain undisclosed.

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Star Wars Battlefront is Even Better Than You Think

Recreating the Battle of Hoth from Empire Strikes Back was truly epic. Just touching the controller made us giddy. The detailed graphics, such as our footprints in the snow, were so intense we could feel the cold. The mechanics were smooth, and with 40 players in the arena at any given time, there was never a dull moment of fighting.

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Playing Gigantic Made Us a Convert

Featuring vivid graphics and offering fast-paced third-person combat, Gigantic surprised us with how much we enjoyed the game. As the first multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game to come to the Xbox, it had a lot to prove. But we were fully satisfied by the game, which revolves around defending your team's massive mythical creature, which can also join the battle. Game play was smooth and the story entertaining.

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