Create Your Dragon Age Character in Advance

When it comes to PC RPGs, there are few developers as well respected as BioWare. The Canadian-based developer's next RPG, which will also be released for consoles, is Dragon Age: Origins hitting store shelves on November 3.

If you're as excited as we are for the next BioWare game, then perhaps you can't even wait a few weeks before creating your character. Those of you planning on getting the PC version can today download the character creator (for PC only) so that you can make your avatar and save it to your disk until he or she will be usable on November 3.

Why might you want to make a character weeks before he or she will be useful? Well, for one, character creation is a fun process (at least for some of us) that could take a long period of time to tweak everything just as how we want it. Now instead of spending the first hour of your playing time on November 3 making a character, you can start on the quest right away.

Check out the character creator on the official Dragon Age website now.

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  • Regulas
    Cool, I plan on getting Dragon Age and will give this a try.
  • fulle
    What's up with the picture for this article? LMAO, you're a goofy dude, Marcus.
  • It only takes you an hour, eh? I usually end up creating and recreating my character and going through the first part of the game a gazillion times before I'm satisfied. Pre-creating my character would help some, but if I don't like playing the actual game with it, then it's all for naught.
    DAMN! i hope they do this for Mass effect 2!
  • steiner666
    I made a couple characters yesterday. It's cool of them to release this, not quite as cool as a demo, but it's hard to make demos that represent well a lengthy rpg that focuses on story and character development more than anything, so this will have to do.
  • beehew
    Good way to get people interested in the game. I usually enjoy character creation for RPGs- with Oblivion being a HUGE exception. And the leveling in that game is also terrible. But that's a whole 'nother topic.
  • vorless
    Hope this game isnt as much fail as Demon's Souls.
  • warlordsagan
    Thanks for pointing this out.
  • lifelesspoet
    Bioware has done nothings but awesome games, I would have bought the game regardless, but its always nice to get headstart teaser.
  • kenjiuchimura
    The combat system irks me. It's basically using an MMO style messy/technical system that lacks in finesse. MMOs really suffer when it comes to combat in my opinion and its in severe need of improvement.

    However, the voice acting is has some pretty good quality in this game and can pull you in. I also liked the console adaptations of Baldur's Gate, so I may try it.