Dijit 'Reminder Button' Notifies You About New TV Episodes

Never miss a show again. That's the promise of Dijit Media, the company behind NextGuide, an app that helps you find new shows to watch and keep track of those you've already seen. Now with its new 'Reminder Button,' announced today (Oct. 18), the company aims to help viewers who don't already use NextGuide to find new shows – directly from the TV networks' websites.

"We realized many people see promotions for new TV shows and movies that look exciting, but forget to actually watch when the premiere occurs," the company said in a statement.  "We built the Reminder Button to help regular TV fans never miss a show they want to watch, and kept it very simple for them to use it."

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The reminder button appears beneath TV show listings or in banner ads on networks' websites. The look of the button varies from network to network — it could appear as simple hyperlink text titled "Remind Me to Watch," for instance, or as a blue button with the text "Remind Me" inside. Regardless of its appearance, clicking it will set a notification for the show you are reading about (after you to register for NextGuide using your email address or Facebook account).

You'll then receive show notifications via email or through the NextGuide iPad or iPhone app 30 minutes before the show airs (an Android app is due later this year). You'll receive further reminders as new episodes are about to appear on live TV or become available on streaming services like Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, iTunes and Netflix.

The reminders also include a click-to-DVR button for Comcast, DISH and DIRECTV subscribers. "We integrate with those companies' … DVR control, which is web-based," Jeremy Toeman, Dijit's co-founder, told Tom's Guide. Pushing the DVR button in a NextGuide reminder sets up the recording.

According to Dijit, eleven major networks have signed up to use the Reminder Button, although so far only three – BBC America, Fox Broadcasting Company and truTV – have announced that they will be using the service.  The other eight broadcasters are "mainstream US broadcast/cable channels," Toeman said via email.

Over time, the button should appear in the TV networks' iOS and Android apps as well. "Every network has their own plans," Toeman said, "all [of which] include mobile." The company has not released firm dates for when all eleven networks will utilize the Reminder Button, but Toeman said that, "all current partners intend to be live by the end of the year."

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