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Clickfree Automatically Backs Up Data From Up to Five Computers

clickfree backup

Out of the box, when attached to a computer, it automatically begins backup. Clickfree does not load software onto the computer. Although the Clickfree backup device can automatically back up everything on a computer’s hard drive, it can also be configured to back up only those files meeting certain parameters (for example, only certain file types or only certain directories).

During configuration, files, directories, or other backup settings are programmed into Clickfree. After it is configured, simply connecting Clickfree to the USB port of the computer being backed up is all that is required to make a backup. A processor inside Clickfree monitors the connection to the computer. It scans the computer’s directories, selects the files on the computer and applies the parameters that are set for the backup. Clickfree then automatically backs up the files to its hard drive.

Clickfree can back up as many as five computers. In a family, this may mean backing up mom and dad’s computer, the dog’s computer, and the kids’ computers. In a small office, it may mean easily backing up the CEO’s computer, her assistant’s workstation, and other computers in the office.

The progress of the backup, the files and the file structure are displayed when Clickfree is attached to a computer. The interface allows the user to move files from the Clickfree back to a computer, if the need should arise.

Once it is configured, Clickfree makes backup completely automatic. The model HD700 provides 120 GB of storage. Clickfree HD700 is now shipping and has a suggested price of $149.

  • REDFLY looks like what the Palm Foleo probably should have been.
  • Very good idea. To bad something is up with there website. Seems someone took it over. Let us know who your host is please so we know not to do business with them.
  • 256GB flash drive??

    typo, ftl
  • The IdentityPal is a 256 GB flash drive ? ... maybe 256 MB !