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Burn Wars: Corel vs. NTI

Why Burn Discs?

The answers to these questions are “quality” and “quantity”. Despite the abundance of “tube” sites where you can host your media, you’ll never get anything anywhere near DVD quality once your videos have been squeezed down to 480x360 pixels, then hammered into submission by the compression that these sites use.

In terms of quantity, there’s only so much content that can be realistically uploaded to a sharing site. Even YouTube’s fairly generous file space allotment still limits you to 1 GB or 10 minutes per video. On the other hand, a standard DVD holds 4.7 GB (about 2 hours of high quality video), and a Dual Layer DVD holds 8.5 GB (about 4 hours of high quality video).

There’s still the question of why you may want to use special multimedia burning software, though, versus the “old-fashioned” method of just burning files and folders with standard burning software. To me, this all comes down to presentation. Although I might not mind flipping through files and folders on a PC, it’s the last thing that I want to do when I’m kicking back to watch something on TV.

The idea of having everything neatly organized into menus and chapters simply provides a more enjoyable viewing experience. This is particularly the case if you’re using your DVDs to share memories with family and friends, or to present new ideas to prospective clients. Well organized, professional looking DVDs are one of most powerful data sharing techniques available today.

This is why NTI and Corel are still fighting battles in the disc-burning wars. They each want to bring you software with features that amuse your viewers, make DVDs easy to play, and make your footage look great.

NewTech Infosystems, better known as NTI, has been in the optical media business since it was founded in 1993. As optical media has evolved, so has NTI’s product line. NTI recently released Media Maker 8, which it describes as “The Complete Multimedia Solution”.

Corel is somewhat new to the multimedia field, although the company has dabbled in various multimedia projects in the past. In an effort to dive back into the multimedia market, Corel recently bought InterVideo, which itself had recently bought Ulead, and so acquired the rights to Ulead’s DVD MovieFactory, which Corel updated to version 6 Plus.

In this article, I’ll compare these two multimedia releases from two major players in the industry. Then you can get to burning, armed with the weapon of your choice.

  • I think if you're going to compare these products then you should compare the quality of the video that is burned on the disk. There is often substantial differences in the final burned DVD.
  • badboy4dee
    Good review of these two software packages. These are retail packages and yup dvd quality can differ but it's retail not professional software. I would LOVE to see a review on Proshow Producer from I know this isn't a video review site but if TOM's can put a little more emphasis on video hardware/software I would like it. Judging from the comments tho, us "video guyz" are a rare breed. Nonetheless, good and informative review Anthony!

    The Silent Majority