Best Buy Charging to Install PS3 Firmware Update

While we would all like our gadgets to be perfect when they're fresh out of the box, the modern way of fixing bugs and adding new features via firmware updates has been a blessing.

The PlayStation 3 has enjoyed new features and functionality (though there was the case of the axed Other OS install option for those who wanted to run Linux) with each firmware update.

Updating firmware is free and involves an internet connection in either the wired or wireless form (unless we're dealing with the old 20GB model).

Of course, if free sounds too cheap and hooking your new PS3 to the internet isn't possible for you, Best Buy will do it all for you as a $30 option on the consoles they have for sale.

The Best Buy Geek Squad is offering an updated firmware PS3 console for $329.98. While such a service would help those who don't have internet at home, the fact that new games often come bundled with the latest firmware required to play makes it look a little less valuable than it already is.

This is how Best Buy sells it:

  • Play(s) all Blu-ray movies and PS3 games
  • Eliminates bugs and glitches
  • System runs smoother
  • Improves connectivity to Facebook
  • Power save settings
  • Photo gallery and video editor
  • Adds PlayStation Plus
  • Improved system settings

Source: DailyTech, Reddit

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