Amazon Prime Streaming Guide: Best Movies and TV Shows

March comes in like a lamb on Amazon Prime, with no surefire new original hits. The one potential blockbuster is Bryan Cranston's adaptation of life-skills handbook, The Dangerous Book for Boys, into a miniseries. Amazon does bring an eclectic selection of recent films, though, which you may have missed when they debuted, from the medieval convent comedy, The Little Hours, to the undercover thriller about the extreme right, Imperium.

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TV Shows

Dreamkeeper  (Mar. 1)

The Remix, Season 1 (Mar. 9)

Sneaky Pete, Season 2 (Mar. 9)

The Tunnel, Season 2 (Mar. 9)

The Dangerous Book for Boys (Date TBD)


The Accused (Mar. 1)

Amelie (Mar. 1)

Jeff Who Lives at Home (Mar. 1)

The Secret of N.I.M.H. (Mar. 1)

Brad's Status (Mar. 2)

Crooked House (Mar. 17)

Let There Be Light (Mar. 26)

The Little Hours (Mar. 27)

Imperium (Mar. 31)

Come back at the start of March for full reviews of our picks. In the meantime, enjoy our February selections.

TV Shows

Absentia, Season 1 (Feb. 2)

Credit: Amazon StudiosCredit: Amazon StudiosIn Amazon's new drama, an FBI agent is abducted, and she's declared dead in absentia. She returns seven years later, with no memory of what happened, but she's now a suspect in a string of murders.

The Expanse, Season 2 (Feb. 7)

Syfy's series about a future in which humans have colonized the solar system takes off in its second season. A mysterious, likely alien, "protomolecule" is converting humans into monsters, causing chaos and confusion that could push Earth and Mars to the brink of war.

Grand Prix Driver, Season 1 (Feb. 9)

McLaren is a legend in Formula One racing, but the team has fallen on hard times in recent years, failing to nab major titles. This four-part documentary, narrated by Michael Douglas, goes inside the team's operation to show its struggles to get back on top.

Mozart in the Jungle, Season 4 (Feb. 16)

Amazon's mildly scandalous comedy based on a fictionalized New York Philharmonic has come a long way. Starting with an unlikely mentor-mentee arrangement, the relationship between eccentric conductor Rodrigo (Gael García Bernal) and promising young musician Hailey (Lola Kirke) has fully developed, and even reached a level of parity in some ways.

The Tick, Season 1B (Feb. 23)

The second live-action TV attempt at this offbeat superhero story (the first ran on Fox in 2001), Amazon's take on The Tick gives more room to the invincible-but-somewhat-clueless title character, as well as his relationship with his nebbish, crusading, mortal sidekick.


A Fish Called Wanda (Feb. 1)

This 1988 Anglo-American comedy is about a heist that goes wrong, and wronger, and wronger. Monty Python alums John Cleese and Michael Palin join with Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline, who won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar as the semipsychotic Otto West.

Manhattan (Feb. 1)

Art eerily reflects life in Woody Allen's comic love letter to the city, shot in nostalgic black and white — with a George Gershwin soundtrack, to boot. Allen's character, a 40-something writer, is enmeshed in a tangle of relationships, including with his gay ex-wife (Meryl Streep), his best friend's mistress (Diane Keaton) and a 17-year-old girl (Mariel Hemingway).

Manhunter (Feb. 1)

The Silence of the Lambs meets Miami Vice. In 1986, Miami Vice producer Michael Mann directed this suspense thriller about a damaged FBI agent, Will Graham, who captured mass murderer Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Graham comes out of retirement to find another psycho killer — one who specializes in taking out entire families.

Sabrina (1995) (Feb. 1)

When the ugly duckling daughter of a billionaire family's chauffeur grows into her looks, she threatens to steal away said family's golden-child son right before his strategic marriage into another wealthy family. It's up to the son's cantankerous older brother to break up the relationship, but is he any more able to resist Sabrina's charm?

Swimming with Sharks (Feb. 1)

With Kevin Spacey being a persona non grata nowadays, his portrayal of sadistic Hollywood producer Buddy Ackerman is all the more poignant. The movie starts with Buddy psychologically torturing his naïve young assistant, Guy, but the real story begins when Guy strikes back.

Breathe (Feb. 10)

This 2017 film is adapted from the true story of Robin Cavendish and Diana Blacker. When Cavendish (Andrew Garfield) contracts polio and is paralyzed in 1950s Britain, his life seems to be nearing its end, but Blacker (The Crown's Claire Foy) gets hold of an experimental portable breathing-assistance machine, which gets her husband back into the world.

Good Time (Feb. 11)

When a New York robbery goes south, one brother is pinched and sent to the brutal Rikers Island prison. The other brother struggles to pull together enough money for his sibling's bail, descending deeper into the danger and mayhem of the New York underworld in the process.

Star Trek, 2009 version (Feb. 14)

Credit: ParamountCredit: ParamountOne of the longest-running sci-fi franchises got a radical reboot in 2009, when J.J. Abrams imagined an alternate timeline that rewrote many of the characters' relationships. Some fans winced, but Abrams introduced a strong cast, led by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, with a cameo from original Spock, Leonard Nimoy.

Human Flow (Feb. 16)

More refugees are wandering the world today than at any time since World War II. Activist and artist Ai Weiwei follows the plight of millions of people across 23 countries in this disturbing, but beautifully shot documentary.

Logan Lucky (Feb. 16)

Credit: Claudette BariusCredit: Claudette BariusTwo hapless, misfit brothers — one missing an arm — hatch a scheme to rob a NASCAR race. This star-studded comedy includes Adam Driver, Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig and Seth MacFarlane. It's like a redneck Ocean's Eleven — no coincidence, since Steven Soderbergh directed both films.

What Else to Stream

Keep making the most of your Amazon Prime membership by using it to the fullest. When you're done with all these shows, check out our list of the best shows to watch on Netflix.

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