Huge Apple Leak Reveals All of Its Fall Products

It's going to be a busy fall for Apple, if an analyst with a track record of being tapped into the company's past plans is proven right again. Not only will Apple unveil its usual round of iPhone updates, but it's working on new Apple Watches, iPads and Macs as well — essentially updating its hardware lineup in the coming months.

The Apple Watch is one of the many Apple products in line for an update this fall. (Credit: Tom's Guide)

(Image credit: The Apple Watch is one of the many Apple products in line for an update this fall. (Credit: Tom's Guide))

That's the word from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, now with TF International Securities. His forecast, published by 9to5Mac, outlines what he expects from Apple's fall hardware lineup.

Much of the report sums up rumors we've heard in recent weeks, including reports from Kuo. But it's valuable to see all of Apple's reported hardware plans laid out in one place.

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It's unclear exactly when this updated hardware will make its debut, and Kuo holds out the possibility that products could be delayed. But here's a roundup of what's expected from Apple heading into the back-half of 2018.

• iPhones: Kuo sees Apple coming out with two OLED-based iPhones — a 5.8-inch model replacing the current iPhone X and a 6.5-inch plus-sized version. A third iPhone will have a 6.1-inch LCD display. That's pretty consistent with the widely held expectations for this fall's iPhone roll-out — which have largely been shaped by previous Kuo reports.

Apple Watch: New Apple Watches will have larger displays — 1.57- and 1.78-inch screens, respectively, Kuo says in this new report. The new watches will also have improved heart rate monitoring. Again, that's in line with other rumors about the Apple Watch Series 4.

• iPads: In addition to a new 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro, Kuo thinks Apple has a new 11-inch model planned, likely replacing the 10.5-inch version of the tablet. These new iPads would support the Face ID unlocking feature found in the iPhone X, which likely means the home button is a goner on those tablets.

• MacBooks: Our sister site LaptopMag has more of the details on Apple's MacBook plans according to Kuo. But expect processor bumps to the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Kuo also talks up an unnamed "low-price notebook model," which could be a successor to the MacBook Air.

• Desktop Macs: The iMac is in line for improvements to its processor and display, too, Kuo says. There's also a rumored update to the Mac Mini, a device I'd wager Apple employees forgot that they still sold.

In addition to those long-time Apple products, Kuo expects an updated version of the AirPods wireless headphones to arrive, as earlier rumors have predicted. And the delayed AirPower charging pad should debut this fall, too.

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