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Upgraded Kindle Paperwhite Boasts Better Display

Just in time for serious beach reading, Amazon is upgraded its Kindle Paperwhite e-reader to offer a higher resolution display. The 6-inch, E Ink screen will now show off 300 pixels per inch, which is nearly double the number of the previous generation. The new $119 model will go on sale June 30, but pre-orders start today (June 17).

The improved Kindle Paperwhite, which was already our favorite e-reader, will also come with Amazon's exclusive new font, Bookerly. According to Amazon, it was designed specifically to reduce eyestrain caused by reading on digital screens. The company claims the serif font should help you read faster.

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Amazon has also improved its typesetting engine, which is the software that lays out the words on the page. The enhancement will be smarter at hyphenating word breaks at the end of a line and improving spacing between words to make word recognition faster. Drop caps and larger fonts will also read better, Amazon says. These improvements will apply to more than half-a-million books, including many best sellers. These same features will be delivered to existing Kindle Paperwhite e-readers via an over-the-air update in the coming weeks. 

Amazon hasn't released a new Kindle Paperwhite since 2013. We loved that device's backlit screen, huge library of content and 8 weeks of battery life. Because of the lack of glare, Amazon's E Ink devices make a perfect outdoor reading companion.

Last year, the company unveiled the $199 Kindle Voyage, which also sports a 300 ppi screen and a backlit screen. The Voyage features haptic page turn buttons on the bezel. It's also lighter and slimmer than the Paperwhite. 

The basic $79 Kindle will likely remain on sale as well. It offers less battery life and has no backlight. Also, the 168 ppi resolution of the E Ink display isn't as good as the other models. But for those on a budget it could still be a solid e-reader option. 

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