Apple Testing iPhone on T-Mobile USA (Photos)

When the iPhone launched four years ago, in June of 2007, it was exclusive to AT&T. That exclusivity was supposed to last for five years, but it ended earlier this year when Verizon announced that the iPhone 4 was arriving on Big Red’s network. However, it seems Verizon’s run as ‘the other iPhone provider’ may be short-lived as pictures surfaced over the weekend to suggest the Apple smartphone could soon be headed to T-Mobile.

What you’re looking at here is a white iPhone on T-Mobile’s network. According to Boy Genius Report, this device carries an internal model number of N94, while the Verizon model is N92 and the standard GSM variant is N90. BGR says the phone is running the latest version of iOS but that its likely Apple is just using current iPhone 4 hardware to test the T-Mobile radio. If this turns out to be true, we won’t see an iPhone on T-Mobile until at least iPhone 5. And, if T-Mobile does get the iPhone, it will mean Sprint is the only major carrier without the device.

Furthermore, the testing on T-Mobile's networks could bode well for Canadians on the upstart carriers of Wind and Mobilicity, both of which run on AWS 1700.

Check out BGR for more pictures.

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  • house70
    I wonder what the 3G bands of ATT will look like after they integrate T-mobile's network. That means either they'll keep all the 3g bands, pretty much adding the AWS 1700 to their line-up, or they will eliminate the AWS altogether and just expand the current 3G. Either way, the phones with AWS radios will be limited to current T-mob coverage, which does not make much sense... If you have a 3G phone with ATT they need to provide same 3G coverage regardless of the radio inside.
    Wait and see, I guess..
  • memadmax
    Why the proto?
    Change of SIM would work right?
    They should know how to "jailbreak" their own phone right?
  • house70
    memadmaxWhy the proto?Change of SIM would work right?They should know how to "jailbreak" their own phone right?

    Is a proto, means not yet in production.
    no jailbreak needed, the phone is factory-unlocked. and no need for third-party apps. They're just testing the radio.