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Roundup: 22-Inch LCD Monitors

Hyundaï W220S

3D for all?

3D is already here: we have already seen a couple of monitors equipped with the technology and more and more games are available too.

'Ordinary' computers, or, more specifically, standard graphics cards, though, are not yet ready.

To test the W220S's 3D capabilities, Hyundai supplied an MSI machine which included a GeForce 9600 GT.

Despite running this high-end computer, we found that it was tough to get good 3D results without slowing everything down.

If you want to have the latest 3D technology and keep your computer accurate, then you're going to need some very expensive hardware.

Hyundaï W220S
  • 3D images in a lot of games
  • Multiple video inputs: HDMI/DIV/VGA
  • Great styling
  • Very expensive
  • TN panel, so poor viewing angle
  • No zero dead pixel policy
  • Bleeding edge technology - better models should be along soon
  • Hyundai's W220S is a good screen, and it's definitely better than Zalman's 3D effort, but we reckon that offerings in 2009 from Samsung and ViewSonic will both be more mature demonstrations of 3D technology.