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Roundup: 22-Inch LCD Monitors

Hyundaï W220D

Evolution of the W220D

The first time around, Hyundai sent us a machine littered with problems, before improving things on a second, and then a third attempt. The final screen tested was assembled recently in Berlin. Moving from one version to the other, the W220D's score improved from 2 to 3 stars, and then 4 stars once we applied the manual configuration updates described in the tests.

Never before has there been a 22 inch screen with a reactive panel, a height-adjustable support and multiple video inputs, including HDMI.  The W220D occupies a unique position in the market.

The design and finish remain practically identical to those on the W240D.  The glossy bezel is still there, but fortunately, the finish looks a lot better than on previous models. The struggle between the panel and its support is now over, and manipulating the monitor is a lot quieter.  It also has the same stand as the bigger model, which is a great addition to a 22'' screen; monitors in this category rarely offer so much freedom of movement.

An HDMI port now completes the collection of video inputs, which already included DVI and VGA. As a bonus, there are also a pair of speakers and a headphone jack, which is regrettably behind the monitor rather than on the side.  Compared with its big brother, the W240D, the disappearance of component video as well as the space previously reserved for an optional USB hub on the 24 inch model are the most noticeable differences.

The response time has not changed much either, and remains closer to 2 ms than it does 5 ms, without coming close to a monitor like the LG Flatron W2253TQ.  It will be acceptable for most users, especially with the near-lack of input lag.

Hyundaï W220D
  • Height-adjustable, portrait mode
  • Response time, low delay
  • Colors after adjustment, good contrast
  • TN panel = poor viewing angle
  • No zero dead pixel policy
  • Those looking for a responsive screen, with strong colors and well thought-out design have only one choice: the W220D.