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Roundup: 22-Inch LCD Monitors

ViewSonic VX2260wm


Color handling is the VX2260wm's weak spot. With an average discrepancy between the colors sent by the graphics card and those actually shown on screen--a DeltaE score--of 4.1, it's difficult to say the colors are accurate when we really expect this measure to be below 3.

The only solution: reduce brightness to around to 80%.

The VX2260wm from ViewSonic is one of the companies first 22-inch monitors to come with a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

This ViewSonic has a number of other attractive features.  As well as 2 ms TN panel and the magic trio of VGA, DVI and HDMI, there's also room for a pair of 1.5 W speakers and a headphone jack. The bezel remains very similar to the one found on the VX2262wm, but like the majority of other 22'' monitors, the stand only allows you to tilt it through a few degrees.

But what about this higher resolution?  Well, it allows the VX2260wm to show around 17% more information than a 'regular' 22'' monitor.  It's great for the latest generation of games consoles and HD movies.  There's more room on your desktop, with more horizontal space in particular.  The downside is natural enough: with 17% more pixels, you need 17% more work from your graphics card.  Games, in particular, are susceptible to looking less fluid than on traditional 22'' screens. The increase in resolution without changing the size of the screen won't just affect avid gamers; everything will also look smaller, including text.


With the VX2260xm, ViewSonic has managed to create another speedy monitor that isn't held back by an input lag.  If you've got a modern, powerful graphics card, or if you want to hook it up to a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, you'll have a great gaming experience.
To get the very best out of it, you'll need to use the OSD to crank the Response Time up to 'Ultra Fast' mode.


Because there's no image correction chip, any weaknesses in the source signal will be painfully evident on the screen.  If you've got a good quality Blu-ray player (or a PlayStation 3), you shouldn't have any problems, but watching DVDs or DivX files on your PC leads to a lot of blurriness.

If you are watching movies on your on the VX2260wm, it's best to sit around a meter and a half away so that these distortions are less noticeable.

ViewSonic VX2260wm
  • Input lag only very slight
  • Very responsive
  • Full HD format great for movies
  • Reasonable energy consumption
  • Aspect ratio less good for PC gaming
  • TN panel so poor viewing angles
  • Default colors need calibration
  • Relatively rare for a 22'' monitor, this screen includes a Full HD panel with a fast 2 ms response time, and the magic trio of HDMI, VGA and DVI inputs. It's noticeably cheaper than a bigger 24'' model with the same features, too.