VIDEO: Hot LG Star Caught on Film

GSM Israel has reportedly gotten its hands on the world's first dual-core Tegra 2 smartphone, the LG Star. Honestly, the phone looks quite similar to Apple's iPhone save for the typical 4-button Android layout at the bottom of the screen. Still, as seen in the video below, Froyo is blazingly fast like a hungry kid going through a horde of candy on Halloween night. It's almost like a speed demon in your pocket.

As reported a few weeks ago, LG plans to launch the "Star" smartphone by early 2011. The device will come packed with Nvidia's dual-core Tegra 2, a 4-inch screen, an 8MP camera, and apparently v2.2 of Google's Android OS (although it's likely to have Gingerbread by the time it ships). The phone will also supposedly feature 1080p video recording, an additional front-facing camera, a microSD expansion slot, microUSB connectivity, an HDMI port and more. There also seems to be support for DivX Video On Demand.

In our previous report, we said that the phone measured slightly shorter than two sticks of lip balm and looked somewhat identical to Apple's iPhone 4 on the front. GSM Israel's video actually compares the two side-by-side, clearly showing that the LG Star offers a substantially larger form factor. Although the iPhone 4 displayed a brighter screen in the video (which could mean the Star's brightness was set at a different level), the Android-based smartphone seemingly loaded webpages faster than its fruity iOS-based competitor.

To see the comparison for yourself, check out the video below. The LG Star looks to be a solid competitor in Q1 2011, and we're interested in seeing what Gingerbread will bring to the plate.

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  • bearracuda
    I confess this might be interesting in english. As it is I only made it to 2:52. And that was with skipping around. Sad Panda. :(
  • NapoleonDK
    Tegra 2 is dandy, but it's going to have to work in conjunction with the newer releases of Android to take advantage of that sweet GPU... I can only hope and pray that developers put their best effort into properly coding GOOD OPENGL games for out phones. I'm stuck with my Eris until then. =\



  • Chemist87
    Here is my rough translation of some of the video:

    He welcomes everyone to GSM Israel and states that what we are seeing is not an illusion, it is the new flagship phone from LG. He then mentions some of the specs listed above and mentions how this is not the final version, that version will be better. He then analyzes the outside of the phone:

    Top view: HDMI, 3.5 mm headphone jack, power button

    Bottom view: Speakerphone, micro usb

    Right side: volume buttons

    Back: 8 MP camera

    The middle part of the video was covered in the in the article. He does repeat how this is not the final model.

    At around 5:30 he loads the GSM Israel website at the same time on both phones (before that he is setting up the test). He notes the website loads slightly faster on the LG that the LG can display the flash content. Also due to its larger screen size the LG can show the whole page without having to scroll, while the iPhone cannot.
  • squanto
    I might be picky but the web scrolling is choppy and that bugs me to no end. Maybe its better on a non flash page. Other than that looks great
  • doron
    low battery at the end. hope it wasn't at full charge at the beginning of this review :P
    otherwise great phone