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Rumor: Amazon Smartphone Ready for 2013

Another Amazon smartphone rumor surfaced on Monday claiming that the company has already ordered 5 million units for a 2013 release.

The Taiwan Economic Times has rekindled a previous report outed by DigiTimes which said last month that Foxconn will have Kindle smartphones ready for a mid-2013 launch. The latest report claims that Amazon already placed an order for 5 million units which will cost between $100 and $200 each.

This latest rumor also claims that Foxconn will be working with touch panel makers Japan Display and Young Fast Optoelectronics to supply parts for the Kindle smartphone. The former company just recently revealed a 5-inch "WhiteMagic" Full HD 438ppi touchscreen display that promises brighter images and longer battery life.

"WhiteMagic technology reduces backlight power consumption, by using white pixels as well as red, green, and blue," Japan Display said. "In a smartphone, the backlight accounts for about half of the power consumed. For the panel overall, power consumption is reduced by about 40-percent. If you keep the backlight on, power consumption is the same, but the picture is really bright. So, you get a panel that's really easy to view, even outdoors."

The smartphone screen is reportedly ultra-thin: the module itself is 0.96-mm thick and the borders measure just 1-mm.

Amazon's self-labeled Kindle smartphone will likely feature a modified Android OS similar to what powers the Kindle Fire HD tablets. There's also a good chance the online retail giant will wait until September 2013 to reveal a phone so that it can present a handful of new Kindle devices simultaneously that share cross-platform features like NFC and more.


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  • house70
    If the hardware is that good (specs and all) I can see a bunch of devs getting on board to bring AOSP to this.
    That is, IF the rumors come to fruition.
  • krowbar
    For some reason this reminds me of the odd products I've seen lately, Kodak flashdrives / sd cards, Polaroid tablets... Just sounds odd to have an Amazon phone.
  • cknobman
    A kindle phone?