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Rumor: Super-sized Kindle Coming Tomorrow

Since the Kindle launched there have been those who refuse to embrace what has become next big thing in reading. Some don’t like the idea of carting around their entire library on one device. Others never want to leave printed books behind. Enamored with the binding and smells of their favorite leather-bound volumes, trading it all in for an ebook with zero personality is not an option. Others still argue that the device is simply too small.

While Amazon can’t help the first two kinds of people, it is aiming to do something for the latter. Recent reports suggest that Amazon is about to launch a larger Kindle, specifically for newspapers and magazines. Further details suggest the company is also targeting textbook publishers with this new device, which makes sense of why tomorrow’s press conference is set to take place at Pace University.

Engadget has a couple of images from what looks like a rehearsal for tomorrow and we can’t say we’re that impressed with the giant Kindle, lookswise. It really is just a giant Kindle 2. According Engadget sources, the new device will have a 9.7 inch display (compared to the Kindle 2’s 6 inch screen), a built-in PDF reader, and the ability to add annotations in addition to notes and highlights, something that would really come into use for school books.

Pace, Princeton, Reed, Arizona State, Case Western Reserve University and Darden School at the University of Virginia are reportedly signed up for a trial of the new device. Students will be issued Kindles with pre-installed textbooks for chemistry and computer science in the fall. We'll keep you posted and update when something official is announced.