Google Finally Updates Chrome for Android

Jay Civelli, Software Engineer and "Process Juggler" from the Google Chrome team reports that the popular web browser – which recently came out of beta on Android back in June – just got a little safer. The news arrives after Google pushed out a string of updates to the iOS version of Chrome, seemingly leaving the Android version untouched for nearly three months.

"This release strengthens Chrome for Android’s sandbox technology, which helps ensure malicious mobile websites are contained and do not impact the entire browser," he writes. "This is made possible by the innovative multi-process architecture in Chrome for Android, in conjunction with Android’s User ID (UID) isolation technology. This more in-depth sandboxing capability will be automatically used for devices with Android 4.1, Jellybean."

This update also brings a few changes to the browser including: location prefernce now integrated to system level Google apps location setting; YouTube video controls now work in full screen mode; videos continue playing after a screen lock/unlock; and fixes to make third-party IMEs work better with Chrome. There are also a number of bug fixes which are listed here.

"This update is available to users with Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and up," he writes. "We hope you enjoy this update and continue to enjoy the speed, simplicity and security that Chrome is known for wherever you go."

Chrome for Android is available here.

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  • darthvidor
    It's still slower than firefox :( I hoping for it to be better since Chrome is my primary desktop browser.
  • iceman1992
    darthvidorIt's still slower than firefox I hoping for it to be better since Chrome is my primary desktop browser.Ummm this one is for android, not desktop (unless you're using android for your desktop?)
  • darthvidor
    Having Chrome as my primary desktop browser (windows), chrome (android) shows my open tabs on my desktop and all my bookmarks are synced. Firefox (android) can do that but I rarely use FF on my desktop.
  • joytech22
    Chrome is one of my favorite browsers on Mobile, although I often find myself on my Nexus 7 after changing tabs waiting for the damn thing to load the page again.

    On my phone it's the same (Galaxy Nexus). Here's hoping that they can improve that.
    The stock browser on my Galaxy Nexus is so good by itself. I'm surprised how well it works (Except it crashes more than other browsers..)
  • aftcomet
    I've found Google Chrome to be the fastest browser for me. I've tried the Dolphin which many people tout but I find Chrome to just be screaming fast.
  • killabanks
    stock browser ftw
  • CrArC
    Still no flippin' user agent control - one of the most important missing features and one it boggles my mind has not been implemented in any Android browser made by Google (some 3rd parties add the feature for their devices).

    Many sites don't work with the "request desktop site" menu option. Once they decide you're a mobile device, that's it. Or, they change but only return their homepage, not the page you wanted.

    I can spoof my user agent on Firefox for Android easily via its handy plugin support.

    Oh well. Still typing this on Chrome for Android as it has the most beautiful interface and is the most pleasant to use overall. But seriously Google, get it together will you??!
  • darkchazz
    The stock JB browser on my nexus 7 (flashed) is way smoother than Chrome :/
  • drinking12many
    I like chrome on android but at least mine crashed a lot more than the built in browser
  • kawininjazx
    Chrome works great on the Nexus with JB, but works like crap on my Droid X running Liquid ICS.