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This Is The World's Largest Android Tablet (So Far)

Engadget points to a YouTube video (seen below) featuring the "world's largest" Android tablet, measuring at 65 inches. Created by Istanbul, Turkey-based Ardic Technology, the device isn't exactly a full-fledged tablet as suggested, but merely a 65-inch touch screen powered by a 10-inch Android tablet.

As seen in the video, the two devices are connected by a tablet dock. However the result seemingly allows the user to access content directly on the display by using motions like panning Honeycomb screens and touching app icons. Gamers can even play Fruit Ninja by slashing their finger across the huge screen.

According to the company, the current display only contains two touch sensors, but four will be added later to enable multi-touch support. The actual 10-inch tablet has a modified version of Honeycomb that can output 1080p video, and an HDMI jack for said video and audio output to the display.

As for other specs, the device seems to have been manufactured in-house (meaning it's not by Samsung, Asus etc) and features a Tegra 2 SoC, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, dual cameras, USB, microSD, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition to HDMI, the 65-inch display features a USB port for touch input.

Ardic is currently in talks with education and enterprise customers, promoting the setup up as a more power-efficient and cost-efficient alternative to smart boards. Eventually the company wants to release a setup featuring displays of any size and a pocketable "controller" like an Android smartphone.