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The Excellent Prey Game Is Half Off for Prime Day

Thanks to Prime Day, it's more affordable than ever to get the daylight scared out of you. The PS4 version of Prey -- one of our favorite games of the year -- is now on sale for $29.99, a 50-percent discount from its original list price of $59.

The game places you in the shoes of Morgan Yu, a crew-member on board the Talos 1 space station, which is orbiting the moon in the year 2032. Yu's situation quickly turns pear-shaped, as the other people on board become missing or dead. Of course, inky-black aliens are responsible, and they're really good at a game they've started that's called "hide and go kill you."

In fact, they can disguise themselves as practically any object -- even cups, tools and clipboards aren't safe -- a perfect way to fill gamers with paranoia.

If that sounds like your cup of gaming tea, but you don't own a PS4, you're not out of luck. Prey is also available for Xbox ($39.94) and PC ($44.97), but its best price can be found for the PS4.

Henry T. Casey

Henry is an editor writer at Tom’s Guide covering streaming media, laptops and Apple. Prior to joining Tom's Guide — where he's the self-described Rare Oreo Expert — he reviewed software and hardware for TechRadar Pro, and interviewed artists for Patek Philippe International Magazine. You can find him at your local pro wrestling events, and looking for the headphone adapter that he unplugged from his iPhone.

  • Yawn! Re-developed game from the 90's goes on for a reasonable price instead of charging Triple-A prices on Consumer Spending Day.