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Get the Editors' Choice Magiove VR Headset for Just $18

Not all virtual reality headsets cost a fortune. Though you may not recognize the brand, Magiove is the maker of our favorite budget VR headset. Their headset is comfortable, works with a multitude of smartphones, and most importantly, delivers sharp images and vibrant color. The $50 headset is currently on sale for just $17.99 at Amazon.

Magiove's headset isn't going to win the VR popularity contest. It does, however, standout among the handful of budget headsets. The plastic headset can accommodate any Android or iOS smartphone with a screen between 4 and 6 inches. To use it, you just slide your smartphone into the front panel, launch your desired app, and tweak the focus as needed.

The headset consistently delivered sharp images and vibrant color in our tests. And thanks to the feather-light materials, it was comfortable to use, especially over long periods of time. The headset was also great at providing an immersive experience, as it blocked all outside light.

Magiove doesn't provide any official specs on the field of view, but it felt comparable with most other options in its price range. There's also no built-in audio, so you'll need to rely on your handheld's headphones or use Bluetooth headphones.

In terms of content, Magiove doesn't have its own VR store or app, so you'll need to find VR apps via Apple's iOS Store or Google Play.

If you're looking to get into VR with the smallest budget possible, but don't want to sacrifice too much, the Magiove 3D VR Headset is your best bet.

Louis Ramirez

As deals editor at Tom’s Guide, Louis is constantly looking for ways to avoid paying full price for the latest gadgets. That means price checking against multiple retailers and searching high and low for the best deals to bring readers. A born-and-bred New Yorker, Louis is also an avid swimmer and marathoner. His work has appeared on Gizmodo, CNET, and Time Out New York.