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Google Home Gets a Price Cut for Black Friday

It looks like Google is very interested in having you spend the holidays with its Home. The company is knocking $30 off the $129 price of its Google Home smart speaker for a limited time.

Google Home will cost $99 at the Google Store starting Wednesday, Nov. 23. Google says that discount won't stick around forever, and judging by a tweet from the company saying that "Black Friday starts early," it's reasonable to assume that the sale will run through the weekend.

Google Home is a small smart home appliance that acts both as a portable speaker for listening to music, as well as a voice-powered virtual assistant. The device can turn down a Nest thermostat setting, turn on Philips Hue lights, and play tracks from a wide range of music services, including Google Play Music and YouTube Red.

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Given those features, it's clear that Google Home is taking on Amazon Echo, another smart speaker that lets you use voice controls to control multimedia playback and connected devices. But Echo's been around for a while now, and it comes with more capabilities (or skills, as Amazon calls them.) Google says it's working with third-party developers and other companies to build additional features into Google Home and said it will continually update the device as updates are released.

Google HomeView Deal

In the Tom's Guide review of Google Home, we were impressed by the sound quality of the speaker and its support for Google Cast streaming. The device also has a lot of potential, so getting a $30 discount might make Google Home more appealing if you were thinking about getting one. That said, be aware that Amazon is planning a Black Friday discount of its own for the Echo, knocking $40 off the $180 price.