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Firefox Shortcuts for Mac and Linux

Firefox has become a favorite browser for computer users across all platforms. To use it more efficiently, the creators built a number of keyboard shortcuts. Here is a list of shortcuts for Mac and Linux operating systems. Often, the Mac shortcut is the same as the Windows shortcut, replacing Ctrl with Cmd. There are also a number of shortcuts designed for Firefox developers.

Browser Management

These shortcuts will help users manage the browser itself, including the bookmarking pages and using Firefox's options in an optimal way.

ActionsMac OS XLinux
Add BookmarkCmd + DCtrl + D
Bookmarks Sidebar (toggle)Cmd + BCtrl + B
Browsing History (toggle)Cmd + Shift + HCtrl + H
Download HistoryCmd + JCtrl + Y

Page Manipulation

These shortcuts are designed to help the user manipulate the page and access actions that otherwise require right-clicking or accessing the File tab.

ActionsMac OS XLinux
Zoom in (full page)Cmd + +Ctrl + +
Ctrl + Scroll down
Zoom out (full page)Cmd + -Ctrl + -
Ctrl + Scroll up
Restore page to default viewCmd + 0Ctrl + 0
Print pageCmd + PCtrl + P
Reload pageF5
Cmd + R
Ctrl + R
Stop page from loadingEsc
Cmd + .
Save page asCmd + SCtrl + S
Page sourceCmd + UCtrl + U
Page infoCmd + ICtrl + I

These shortcuts help the user use the actual Web page itself within Firefox, including quick scrolling and navigating.

ActionMac OS XLinux
Move down one line⇩ (down arrow)⇩ (down arrow)
Alt + Scroll down
Move up one line⇧ (up arrow)⇧ (up arrow)
Alt + Scroll up
Move down one full screenPageDown
Shift + Backspace
Move up one full screenPageUp
Shift + Spacebar
Shift + Spacebar
Go to the bottom of pageEndEnd
Go to the top of the pageHomeHome
Move to the next frameF6F6
Move to the previous frameShift + F6Shift + F6

Web Navigation

Within the browser, these shortcuts help navigate the Web and move from Web page to Web page.

ShortcutMac OS XLinux
Open default home pageOption + HomeAlt + Home
BackCmd + ⇦ (left arrow)
Cmd + [
Alt + ⇦ (left arrow)
Ctrl + [
Shift + Scroll down
ForwardCmd + ⇨ (right arrow)
Cmd + ]
Alt + ⇨ (right arrow)
Ctrl + ]
Shift + Scroll up
Open linkReturn
Open link in new windowShift + Return
Shift + Click
Shift + Enter
Shift + Click
Save link target asOption + ReturnAlt + Enter
Open new tabCmd + T
Double-Click on Tab Bar
Ctrl + T
Double-Click on Tab Bar
Close tab
(close window if only one tab)
Cmd + W
Cmd + F4
Ctrl + W
Ctrl + F4
Middle-click on Tab
Undo close tabCmd + Shift + TCtrl + Shift + T
Next tabCtrl + Tab
Ctrl + PageDown
Ctrl + Tab
Ctrl + PageDown
Previous tabCtrl + Shift + Tab
Ctrl + PageUp
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Ctrl + PageUp
Open new windowCmd + NCtrl + N
Close windowCmd + Shift + W
Option + F4
Ctrl + Shift + W
Alt + F4