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Yale's Smart Delivery Box helps keep your packages from getting stolen

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Package theft is a problem, but not everyone is comfortable with Amazon's Key program, which automatically unlocks your front door so a delivery person can drop off a package inside your house. 

Yale's new Smart Delivery Box, announced at CES 2020, looks to be a sensible solution to deterring porch pirates. It's a large plastic box whose lid is locked shut by a small Bluetooth-controlled latch. When you get a notification from a security camera that someone's at your door, you can remotely unlock the Delivery Box so they can leave the package inside. The Smart Delivery Box will be available later this year for around $200. 

The box itself is a pretty basic plastic container made by Kingsley Park. It measures roughly two feet tall by 2.5 feet wide, and comes with an insulated bag should you happen to order groceries. A stand for the box can be filled with sand or water to keep thieves from simply carrying the whole thing away.

The smart lock inside the box is pretty small, about the size of one of those power cubes you use to charge your smartphone. Because it runs on Bluetooth, Yale says the lock should last for years before needing to be recharged. 

(Image credit: Future)

Yale also sells the lock separately as the Smart Cabinet Lock ($79). In this capacity, it can be used to keep your kids from raiding the liquor cabinet, or to keep others out of sensitive places. The lock also has a safety button, in case your child accidentally locks themselves inside.

The company said that it thinks the Smart Cabinet Lock will be very popular with AirBnB hosts who want to secure their personal property but don't want to have to move everything in their homes. 

In order to control the Smart Delivery Box and the Smart Cabinet Lock remotely, owners will also have to purchase the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi Bridge can connect to only one device, so you'll need a Wi-Fi Bridge for every Yale smart lock you own.

The Smart Delivery Box will cost $229 by itself, $279 with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, and $299 with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge and Cooler Bag. The Smart Cabinet Lock will cost $79 by itself or $129 with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge.

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