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This crazy sonic toothbrush can clean your teeth in 10 seconds

(Image credit: FasTeesH)

LAS VEGAS – Looking for a way to save time in your morning routine? French company FasTeesH brought a quirky teeth-cleaning gadget to CES 2020 just for that.

The Y-Brush features 96 clusters of nylon bristles and can clean your mouth in only 10 seconds. It definitely doesn't look like your average Oral-B brush, though. In fact, its design reminds me of the mold dentists use to cast dental impressions.

But instead of plaster, you fill the flexible Y-Brush with the toothpaste of your choice. It even comes with an applicator to help you spread the minty goo thinly. Bite down on it for 5 seconds to clean your upper choppers, then flip it around to polish the lower ones.

Y-Brush launched on Kickstarter in 2018, blowing through its crowdfunding goal. It shipped to backers before CES and is now available to buy on FasTeesH's website for $125. It includes a wireless charging dock.

FasTeesH suggests replacing your Y-Brush's mouthpiece every six months as you would a normal electric toothbrush head. A new one costs $30.

I will say a 10-second clean sounds a little too good to be true, and I'd want to consult with my dentist about cutting down my brush time. But if the Y-Brush can save me nearly two minutes in the morning, you better believe I'm interested in learning more.

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Kate Kozuch

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