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Singing in the shower: This water-powered speaker just launched at CES

Ampere Shower Power
(Image credit: Ampere)

CES always makes a home for some of the more out-there tech, and CES 2021 going all-digital hasn’t stopped that trend at all. 

The Ampere Shower Power is a perfect example. This is a Bluetooth speaker designed not just to be used in the shower, but to be affixed to the shower — it clamps in place just above the showerhead, and the flow of water recharges its battery.

Since a fully-charged battery apparently provides 14 hours of playback, it’s hard to see how you’d ever run dry, unless you used the Shower Power as a regular bathroom speaker but only took baths.

And, while installing a hydropower device might sound like a serious piece of plumbing work, Ampere maintains that most people can install it themselves in under a minute. It’s built to fit over most kinds of fixed and detachable showerheads, with the rushing water spinning an impeller connected to a small generator.

The Shower Power Kickstarter page, where the project has already been fully funded, describes the speaker’s "360-degree immersive and bold sound." In terms of performance it could be like the Kohler Moxie, another Bluetooth speaker-in-a-showerhead which was introduced at CES 2020 and is just now going on sale for $120. However, that speaker needs to be recharged via USB.

There are also a circular set of controls on top of the speaker, though a waterproof remote will be included should you want to play some tunes from the comfort of your toilet seat.

Ampere Shower Power

(Image credit: Ampere)

"While we've been developing this idea for more than two years now, we couldn't think of a better time to launch it," said Ampere CEO Reid Covington. "After a quarantine-fuelled year, we're consuming more content on our speakers — like podcasts, audiobooks and music — than ever before. And on top of that, we're spending even more time at home because of the pandemic. We think that it will be a great fit for audiophiles or avid podcast listeners."

At the moment, the only way to pre-order the Shower Power ahead of its May release is to order it through Kickstarter or its Indiegogo page, where a basic model costs $79 and the LED-equipped Shower Power Shine is $128. Paying into crowdfunding schemes can be risky, but Ampere is an established company and the Shower Power is fully funded already, so it hopefully won’t be a total wash.