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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 release date just leaked — and it’s later than we thought

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 mockup
(Image credit: Waqar Khan and WindowsUnited)

The Galaxy Fold 2 may be set to make its debut alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 this summer. But you may be in for a little bit of wait before you can buy Samsung's second take on a foldable phone that opens like a book.

Here's what we know. It's widely assumed that the next Samsung product event will be an online-only affair that introduces us to the Note 20 — the phone maker's upcoming phablet — and a few other products. One of those anticipated announcements is the Galaxy Note 2, the follow-up to last year's debut foldable phone from Samsung. A new rumor pegs August 5 as the date for Samsung's big product reveal.

But hold the phone. Just because the Galaxy Fold 2 may debut alongside the Note 20, that doesn't mean the phones will be available at the same time. Leaker Max Weinbach, who's been the driving force behind many Fold 2 rumors, tweets that the foldable phone could arrive in mid-September.

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Weinbach's basing what he calls a "guess" on some code that suggests Galaxy Fold 2 software builds have begun. The timing of those builds makes it unlikely that the Fold 2 would be ready to ship at the same time as Samsung announces the phone — hence the release a month or so later.

That software build suggests another possible feature for the Galaxy Fold 2, which is widely expected to include 5G compatibility. The code specifically mentions Verizon, which could mean that the Fold 2 will be able to connect to the carrier's faster mmWave-based network, although Verizon is also expected to start rolling out more wide-reaching 5G during the second half of the year. Weinbach isn't sure if the Galaxy Fold 2 will be unlocked only for Verizon or if the wireless carrier will offer the phone.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is rumored to feature larger displays, both inside and outside the phone, and it looks like a Snapdragon 865 chipset will power the device. It seems likely the Fold 2 will adopt the camera setup of the Galaxy S20, and Samsung is reportedly set to add an S Pen to its foldable lineup.

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