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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leak reveals price, release date and big camera upgrade

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
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A huge new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leak reveals some significant camera upgrades coming to the new foldable in August — and a price cut.

Ross Young, founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, revealed this information in a series of tweets (1, 2, 3). He has leaked Galaxy Fold 2 specs previously, and is held in high regard by other big leakers, so there is little reason to doubt his claims.

The specifics of the tweets relate to three things. Firstly, the cameras, or at least the main rear cameras. Young stated these will be a 12MP/16MP/64MP combination with dual optical image stabilization (OIS), an improvement on the 12MP/12MP/16MP trio on the original Galaxy Fold. Since we've heard in previous rumors that these cameras will be the same as the Galaxy S20 Plus' rear camera array, we can assume these cameras comprise the main lens, ultrawide lens and 3x optical zoom lens, respectively.

Secondly, the price of the Fold 2 will be cheaper than the original Fold. While he gives a general estimate of the Fold 2's price as between $1780 and $1980, Young made a more specific guess at an $1880-$1895 price tag. That's $100 cheaper than the original Fold since Young said Samsung is aiming to sell more of these phones, despite the improved specs.

Finally, Young commented on the Fold 2's release date. As we've heard in previous rumors, we should expect a reveal in the second half of August, which will then fbe ollowed by the start of shipments in September.

Responding to the comments made by other Twitter users, Young revealed a few more details. He doesn't expect a coronavirus-related delay to the Fold 2. Meanwhile, Apple looks to be struggling with a month-long delay with the iPhone 12

Unfortunately, Young isn't convinced we'll see an under-display selfie camera on the Fold 2, the latest potential answer to the issue of display notches. Commenting on rumors that the Fold 2 will ship with an S Pen stylus, Young said that it will likely work on both the outer and inner displays of the phone.

Other than the addition of the S Pen, we're also expecting the Fold 2 to boast larger displays inside and out, with the possibility of a 120Hz refresh rate like the Galaxy S20 series, and 5G connectivity by default.

We're also expecting August to bring us the Galaxy Note 20, Samsung's new stylus-equipped phablet. This will also likely be a 120Hz display-boasting 5G device with a larger battery, and potentially an under-display camera, although Young says that if the Fold 2 isn't getting one of these sub-display sensors, then the Note 20 most likely isn't either.

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