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Forget the Galaxy Fold 2: Samsung’s new foldable clamshell is called Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Fold 2
(Image credit: Wang Benhong)

As it turns out, Samsung‘s competitor to Motorola’s Razr clamshell is not called the Galaxy Fold 2 or Galaxy Bloom.

Instead of using the cool Galaxy Bloom as a product name, Samsung is reportedly choosing another boring letter. A wasted a opportunity, because that brand is cool — unlike the actual name.

Samsung masterleakster Ice Universe teased in a tweet that ”Bloom” is just the internal codename for the phone, saying that the phone will be called “Samsung Galaxy Z ****”. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold? Samsung Galaxy Z Boom? Samsung Galaxy Z Razr perhaps?

No, the **** could have stood for “yawn” or “bore”, because the actual name — as Ice Universe revealed in another tweet — is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Seriously, Samsung. Come on. Do we need another letter in your alphanumeric soup of models?

The Galazy Z Flip will likely be unveiled February 11 alongside the Galaxy S20 at Samsung's Unpacked event in San Francisco. 

Not much is known about the Galaxy Z Flip in terms of specs, but previous rumors point to a 6.7-inch ultra thin glass (UTG) display that folds along the horizontal access. 

Stay tuned to our Galaxy Fold 2/Galazy Z Flip hub for more info and leaks as we get closer to launch.