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Best face mask for working out is on sale at Amazon

Under Armour Face Mask
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Face masks will be a part of everyday life for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, the best face mask for working out is now on sale for the first time. 

Currently, Amazon has the Under Armour SportsMask on sale from $23.31. That's $7 off and the first time we've seen this mask on sale. By comparison, Under Armour sells all sizes for a flat $30. It's especially noteworthy because we found the UA SportsMask to be the best face mask for working out and for running. 

Best face mask for working out

UA SportsMask: was $30 now $23 @ Amazon
Yes, the UA SportsMask is very expensive for a face mask. However, it's not just any face mask. The UA SportsMask is designed for runners and athletes who want to workout while protecting others — and themselves — from potentially spreading virus. The water-resistant mask is adjustable, washable, and light enough to wear while running. This is the first time we see it on sale. View Deal

Whether you're running outdoors or hitting your local gym, the UA SportsMask is great for just about any activity. In our Under Armour SportsMask review, we loved the overall fit and feel of the UA SportsMask. The mask juts out a bit from your nose and that extra space is designed to give your nose and mouth more space to breathe. This also helps prevent the mask from sticking to your face like a normal cotton mask would. As a result, you're able to workout and/or run with the mask on and not feel like it's clinging to your face. 

While it left a few things to be desired — such as better reflective colors — it's still the best face mask for working out and running, especially now that it's on sale. Make sure to follow our coverage on where to buy face masks for more face mask options. 

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