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How to change mouse cursor in Windows 10

How to change mouse cursor in Windows 10
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Knowing how to change mouse cursor in Windows 10 is a pretty useful skill to have. After all, your mouse cursor is a really important part of using your computer, and you use it constantly to select, highlight, drag, and perform many other everyday tasks.

Unless you’re an expert who can do everything using keyboard shortcuts, you should make sure your mouse cursor is customized to be perfect for you.

If you’re struggling to see your mouse cursor, then changing the size, color, and contrast will make it much easier to use. If you just want to change it for aesthetic reasons, then that’s fine too.

Fortunately, it’s easy to change mouse cursor in Windows 10. We’ll show you how in a few simple steps.

How to change mouse cursor in Windows 10: Change the style

1. Open Settings in Windows 10 by clicking the Start menu button in the bottom left corner of your screen and clicking the gear icon. 

2. Select “Devices,” “Mouse,” and then “Additional mouse options.” Alternatively, you can type “mouse” into the search box to find the right options.

How to change a mouse cursor in Windows 10 - additional mouse options

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3. A window named “Mouse Properties” will open. To change the look of your mouse cursor, go to “Pointers,” click "Browse" and scroll through the different cursor styles that are available in Windows 10. 

Select the one you like best, then click "OK" to confirm. Your mouse cursor should change right away. 

How to change a mouse cursor in Windows 10 - a screenshot of the "mouse properties" menu in Windows 10

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How to change mouse cursor in Windows 10: Change the size and color 

Most of the default mouse cursor options are black or white. For more customization options, follow these steps to change the cursor color and size:

1. In Settings, search for “ease of access mouse” and select "Ease of access mouse settings."

How to change a mouse cursor in windows 10 - ease of access mouse

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2.  Select “Mouse pointer” in the side menu. Use the "Change pointer size" slider to change the size of the mouse cursor.

Choose one of the "Change the pointer color" options to change the color of your mouse cursor. 

How to change a mouse cursor in Windows 10 - mouse pointer size

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