The best shows to watch while we wait for Euphoria season 3

(L to R) Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie and Barbie Ferreira in the hallway scene in Euphoria season 2
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Trying to find something to watch while you wait for Euphoria season 3 is a difficult task because Euphoria is just so peculiarly unique. A mix of fast-tempo high school drama where everyone is always creating or enabling chaos, put on HBO so it can have all the sex and drugs that they can get away with, Euphoria has become one of the most talked-about shows in recent history.

And so while we think about what comes next for the teens at East Highland High School (no, it's not called Euphoria High), we're pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and onto other shows. Yes, you can stop re-watching Euphoria and try out these 7 shows that are similar in one way or another.

Our picks are all fairly modern, and include one very recent release. They're also also available on the best streaming services, except for that one show that's actually free right now (before it goes to HBO Max later this month). So, put down Euphoria season 2 and take a spin with other dysfunctional cliques.

Skins (Hulu)

Skins is very much a proto-Euphoria in its own way, but with teens who all seem a bit younger and less adult. The UK series spent 6 seasons tantalizing young adults and shocking parents at the same time, as it tackled all sorts of topics that were a bit taboo for the time, such as sexuality, eating disorders, suicide and drug abuse. And it presented all of the above in a way that was both edgy and respectful of the characters and audience. Watching Skins now, you'll also recognize at least a few young faces who went onto have huge careers, including star Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class, Mad Max: Fury Road), who plays Tony, Hannah Murray (Game of Thrones' Gilly) who plays Cassie and Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire, The Green Knight) who plays Anwar.

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Gossip Girl (2007) (HBO Max)

No, we're not talking about the remake, which has been criticized as boring. Anyone looking for a post-Euphoria buzz would hit "skip" on any series that actually has you checking your phone for the news (rather than opening social media to post about the show). The original Gossip Girl impressed audiences in its first season, but got more applause in its second season (another Euphoria similarity). While Gossip Girl also checks the boxes of showing high schoolers in over their heads, it also features some plots you may find familiar.

The devilish Chuck Bass looking to take his father's power may sound like Nate Jacobs' second season arc, the constant upheaval in Serena and Blair's friendship will spark memories of the connections in all of the Euphoria gang. But it's season 2's tales of manipulations between Blair and Chuck where Euphoria truly sings. A truly soapy series, Gossip Girl offers both high fashion and high drama.

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Cruel Summer (Hulu)

Need more teen drama? Up for a thriller vibe? Then let's have a Cruel Summer in Skylin, Texas. While Euphoria covers some really uncomfortable topics (off the top of my head, everything that Jules suffered from Cal and Nate Jacobs), Cruel Summer is not afraid to touch some third rails by covering child grooming and domestic abuse. Still, its focus is a bit smaller, with one main story: the disappearance of a popular high schooler named Kate Wallis (Olivia Holt). While she's gone, a nerdy teen named Jeanette Turner somehow apparently fills the void that Kate had owned. But, then, one year later? Kate is back and accuses Jeanette of being responsible for it all. Cruel Summer has had one season, and is scheduled to come back for a second.

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Bel-Air (Peacock)

It still feels weird that we got a gritty reboot of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but Euphoria fans looking to temporarily move zip codes should check out Bel-Air on Peacock. This Will (Jabari Banks) may not have to deal with Cassie or Nate, but his cousin Carlton (Olly Sholotan) that's more conniving and protecting a secret, and a tense relationship with Aunt Vivian (Cassandra Freeman) and Uncle Philip (Adrian Holmes). Fitting in at his new school isn't going well either, but the series has a fast-pace and tons of soapy plot developments that will keep you hitting 'play' on the next episodes.

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Riverdale (Netflix)

If you've never watched Riverdale, and only know it as "that show that is based on the Archie Comics characters," you're probably wondering if I'm smoking something Fezco sold me right now. But let's move past that source material. Instead, focus on how Riverdale delivers quality soapy teen drama that always manages to be well-made. Similarly critically-appreciated (both with RT scores in the 80's), Riverdale deals with love triangles, tragedies in its own eerie way, proving that you can make excellent teen drama TV without a TV-MA rating.

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13 Reasons Why (Netflix)

We can't talk about Netflix's 13 Reasons Why without talking about how it got a lot attention for the wrong reasons. Many raised concerns over its focus on suicide and the concern of copycat suicides, as the series revolves on the suicide of a high school teen named Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). Hannah left behind a set of cassette tapes that detailed why she took her own life, and her classmate Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), who finds these tapes on his front porch. Clay then dives into the tapes, and the series revolves around the aftermath of what he learns about her motives. Just as Euphoria would be accused for glorifying drug use, and got title cards warning audiences about those issues, Netflix places warnings in front of 13 Reasons Why for its mature content.

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Degrassi The Next Generation (Tubi & Pluto)

If you are OK with getting a little younger and a little less edgy, the 14 seasons of Degrassi will still entertain you. The series, which famously featured Aubrey Drake Graham as Jimmy Brooks, spent 14 years on the air on Canada's CBC bringing high school tales of drugs, sexuality and parental drama into homes everywhere. Kids such as Jimmy "graduate" as they leave the show, and that's how the series stayed on the air for so long. Oh, and this will change later this month, as HBO Max gets Degrassi: The Next Generation on March 25.

Stream it on Tubi or Pluto now, and on HBO Max later

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