Google Photos app will soon let you enhance videos with the touch of a button

Google Photos
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Google is reportedly working on a one-touch enhancement option for videos in Google Photos. This information comes from Assembledebug, who posted on X that he enabled a new “Enhance your video” option in Google Photos v6.81.0.628906483 after toggling some hidden flags.

When the mode was activated, the button appeared next to the stabilization button in Google Photo’s editor. When tapped, the button will automatically adjust and enhance the brightness, color, contrast and other aspects to improve the overall quality. It is currently unclear if it will also apply to the stabilization effect on videos. 

According to the report from Android Authority, the processing for the enhancement can take some time and appears to be based on the length of the original video you’re enhancing. You can also save the new, enhanced video as a cop once the automatic enhancements have been applied. 

The enhance option for videos in the Google Photos app

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Upgrading images has been a part of Google Photos for a while, but it never really applied to videos. However, this news shows that Google is working to improve the service as much as possible. For instance, it was recently reported that Google is implementing a storage-saving feature that's designed to keep users' galleries from getting overcrowded and full.

Google is also adding a new feature that lets you bookmark a specific contact to make it easier to send them photos in “Full Quality”. This feature will make sending those great memes and baby photos even easier, and with the news of improved video, it may soon include better videos as well. However, this feature is locked to Android devices currently so iPhone users will miss out. 

The option to enhance videos is one that many will relish, especially when it used to be so lacking in comparison to the image quality on offer. Google aims to add as much usability into their app as possible, which will benefit the users. If you want to get the most out of your Google Photo app then it is best to grab an Android device, luckily we have a list of the best Android phones of 2024 to help you choose.

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