Yellowstone season 4 release date is still unknown and fans are mad

Yellowstone season 4 release date
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Father's Day is just around the corner, yet Yellowstone season 4's release date still hasn't been set by Paramount Network. What gives? 

If you're wondering why you haven't gotten word of the Yellowstone season 4 release date, you're not alone. Fans on Reddit discovered that Yellowstone wasn't listed in Paramount Network's schedule for June 20, the date of Father's Day this year. All three previous seasons of Yellowstone premiered in June, around or on Father's Day (since it is the ultimate Dad Show). It wasn't a great leap to think season 4 would follow suit.

The lack of a premiere date is especially confounding, because filming wrapped last November. Or maybe it didn't — CinemaBlend did some sleuthing and found that the show may be filming additional scenes this week.

CinemaBlend found a Facebook account used to hire extras for the show. On May 25, Yellowstone Montana Extras shared a post saying, "We will be back for a 2 day shoot in June!! This is a protest scene that we had to cancel last year due to snow." 

The post listed the dates of the shoot as June 10 and June 11. The extras will be playing protesters of all ages and members of the press, as well as SWAT and FBI agents.

The scene must be truly important, for creator Taylor Sheridan to resume filming seven months after wrap. It's even more of an undertaking if any main cast members, like star Kevin Costner, are involved.

What could this protest be about? It could be tied to the Duttons' control over a vast swath of land. Or perhaps Yellowstone is incorporating the racial injustice activism we saw in the real world last year. 

And if the additional shoot is confined to just one scene, shot over two days, there is a small possibility it could be quickly edited into the show and for Yellowstone season 4 to still premiere on Father's Day. If not, fans may have to wait until the fall to find out the fate of multiple Dutton family members.

In the meantime, they can binge on Yellowstone seasons 1-3 on Peacock.

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