Xbox Series X gets the $10,000 Gucci treatment — suck on that scalpers!

The Gucci Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Gucci / Microsoft)

It’s no secret that Microsoft has been struggling to keep the Xbox Series X in stock since its release a year ago. But if you’re really desperate to get your hands on one before Christmas and have $10,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you could decide to blow it all on a limited edition made in collaboration with luxury fashion brand Gucci.

Disappointingly, there’s no word of a $6,000 version for the Xbox Series S. Y’know — just for those on a budget.

It’s a strange collaboration — one that makes you wonder what both Gucci is doing with Microsoft and vice versa. The only real link we can see between the two is a shared anniversary: 100 years of Gucci and 20 of Xbox. Still, the brands have tried to highlight a slightly more tenuous link, with the famous ‘GG’ pattern embossed on the Xbox not only representing Guccio Gucci’s initials, but the acronym “good game” too, apparently. 

Xbox Series X Gucci limited edition

(Image credit: Microsoft / Gucci)

Yes, $10,000 is 20 times more than the MSRP of the $499 Xbox Series X (or ~12 times as much as the average resale price on Ebay), but you do at least get some extras with it. As well as the GG-patterned Xbox Series X, you get two customized Xbox wireless controllers with the familiar Gucci House Web strip in blue and red and a vintage luggage-style carry case to keep it all in.

As far as we can tell, it does at least double up as real luggage, but not necessarily something you’d like to take to an airport, what with the lurid green “XBOX” and “GOOD GAME” texts pasted across the front and back.

Xbox Series X Gucci limited edition

(Image credit: Microsoft / Gucci)

You’re also granted an unspecified quantity of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So you’re not left lamenting the fact that you’ve spent your entire games budget on gaudy luggage, a slightly more bobbly console and some flashy game pads. Given Halo Infinite is launching day one on Game Pass, this is somewhat compelling, especially as Halo Infinite's campaign looks like a wonderful nod to the Halo games of old

Still, there is always the chance that it’ll appreciate in price over time, even after the shortages end. There are only 100 of these monstrosities machines being made, so it could plausibly become a collector’s item — even rarer than those $10,000 gold-plated PS5 units currently making 250 lucky gamers squint every time the sun catches their casing.

Xbox Series X Gucci limited edition

(Image credit: Microsoft / Gucci)

If you do fancy taking that gamble, the Gucci Xbox Series X will go on sale on November 17. You won’t have to deal with scalper bots buying up supply, at least — the 100 units will only be sold via Gucci’s brick-and-mortar stores in New York, London, Tokyo, Beverly Hills, Mexico City, Milan, Berlin and Beijing.

But when you’re already spending $10,000 on a games console, what’s an extra few hundred dollars on a plane ticket? Maybe just check out our Xbox Series X restock tracker instead. And the Xbox anniversary celebration livestream should be what real Xbox fans want to see. 

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    Did Gucci confirm that it will only be available in store? Other sites are reporting some will be available online.