VW ID.4 AWD Pro announced — 249 miles of range for a very good price

Volkswagen ID.4 exterior and interior shots
(Image credit: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen has announced a new variant of its all electric crossover named the ID.4 AWD Pro. The dual-motor design gives it added performance without tanking its driving range. What’s more, it starts at a relatively affordable price, beating out competitors like Tesla and Ford. 

The AWD Pro and AWD Pro S versions of Volkswagen’s ID.4 all-electric SUV are coming later this year with front and rear motors and a 82-kWh battery pack. The AWD Pro will have a starting price of $43,675 before available incentives and a driving range of 249 miles. The AWD Pro S will carry an MSRP of $48,175 and be capable of covering 240 miles on a full charge.

When the all-wheel-drive models of Volkswagen’s ID.4 electric SUV roll into showrooms in Q4 of this year, it’ll offer better four-seasons capability than the regular ID.4 at a starting price substantially lower than the standard Tesla Model Y.

The ID.4 AWD Pro will be the least expensive all-wheel-drive EV when it comes out later this year. For comparison, the dual-motor Tesla Model Y in its Long Range configuration has an MSRP of $52,940. The available $7,500 federal tax credit can bring the ID.4’s price down to just $36,175. The better-equipped AWD Pro S will retail for $48,175. Keep in mind that destination charges will add an additional $1,195 to the final price of both variants.

The ID.4 Pro and Pro S models will use the same 82-kWh battery pack as their single-motor, rear-wheel-drive siblings, but the front axle will have a separate electric motor and single-speed gearbox. The rear axle’s motor provides 201 horsepower and 228 lb-ft of torque; the front unit produces 107 horsepower and 119 lb-ft of torque, bringing total output up to 295 horsepower. That combination gives the AWD Pro model more capability in bad weather. Under ideal circumstances, it also gives the ID.4 AWD Pro the ability to get to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds. That extra power pays off in terms of towing, too. Capacity is up to 2,700 pounds – 500 more than the ID.4 1st Edition’s max.

Despite its name, the ID.4 AWD Pro doesn’t have all four wheels engaged constantly. Its Vehicle Dynamics Manager and Electronic Stability Control system determine when the front axle should be activated, such as when wheelspin is detected, and can bring it online in just a few hundredths of a second.

The tradeoff to that additional traction and power is a slight reduction in driving range. While the rear-wheel-drive ID.4 can cover up to 260 miles on a full charge, the AWD Pro has a max range of 249 miles. That figure dips even lower for the AWD Pro S, which runs out of juice after 240 miles. Although it’s more expensive than the VW, the Tesla Model Y Long Range does have a significantly higher cruising distance of 326 miles.

Volkswagen will throw in three years of free unlimited DC fast charging on the Electrify America network at the time of purchase. According to the automaker, that kind of power can add 56 miles of range to the ID.4 AWD Pro S and 58 miles of range to the ID.4 AWD Pro in just 10 minutes.

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