Galaxy S11 design leak makes the iPhone's notch look even worse

(Image credit: Ice Universe)

The leaks just won't stop for one of the most anticipated phones of 2020. Today there's two new bits of information on the Galaxy S11, one involving the phone’s immersive display and the other its powerful telephoto camera sensor.

Firstly, the display and design. Frequent and reliable Twitter leaker Ice Universe has some shots of what they claim to be a reference for the S11’s screen cover. You can look at these images in the tweet below. 

And compared to the iPhone 11, which still has a very prominent notch, this looks a lot better.

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As you can see, there’s the Infinity-O selfie camera punch-hole, in the top center of the display this time rather than aligned to the right as it is on the Galaxy S10, and the bezels around the edges are pretty skinny.

Ice Universe doesn’t seem convinced that these are completely accurate to the final model, but it’s still interesting to see what looks to be a large and mostly uninterrupted panel, which is far better for enjoying video, photos and full-screen apps. The rumors have pointed to the Galaxy S11 looking like the Galaxy Note 10, and this leak seems to back that up.

A powerful 48MP telephoto zoom camera

The second leak, again from Ice Universe, gives us more information about the telephoto camera that will appear on the S11 Plus: a 48MP sensor combined with a 5x optical zoom. The same tweet does also mention Huawei’s equivalent handset, the P40 Pro, will have a smaller 16MP sensor, but a 10x optical zoom to make up for it, which shows the two manufacturer’s different priorities when it comes to this kind of photography.

While the P40 series is on paper a rival to the S11 series, Huawei’s troubles with the US government mean that it won’t ship with Google Mobile Services, meaning you get the Android experience without the apps that you expect.

The iPhone 11 Pro is a better comparison with the Galaxy S11, and if these two leaks are entirely true, the Apple phone will be at a significant disadvantage. The iPhone’s display is dominated by the notch at the top of the screen, and its telephoto lens is limited to 2x optical zoom only.

The main camera for the Galaxy S11 is expected to pack a 108-MP sensor, which we have all the details on why it could destroy the competition. Add in Qualcomm's new blazing fast Snapdragon 865 chip, which really impressed compared to the iPhone 11 in early Snapdragon 865 benchmarks, and you have what looks to be a very exciting flagship phone.

If you want to learn more about the next Samsung flagship, which is expected to launch February 18, check out our regularly updated Galaxy S11 rumors page with everything confirmed, rumored and leaked about the phone. 

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