This amazing 165-inch MicroLED TV folds up when you're not watching it

The C Seed N1 MicroLED TV can fold up on itself when not in use.
(Image credit: C Seed / Tom's Guide)

If you’ve been holding off buying a new TV until someone made a 165-inch folding MicroLED TV, you’re in luck — luxury TV maker C Seed has just announced that it’s making one and the price starts at a mere $200,000. 

It’s called the C Seed N1 TV and it’ll be available in three sizes — 165, 137 and 103 inches — and available in one titanium matte color option.

What makes this TV different from, say, one of the best TVs you’re going to find at your local electronics store is that it uses a different panel technology (MicroLED) and, of course, its ability to fold up into an elongated metallic box when not in use.

MicroLED, for those who missed its debut at CES a few years ago, trades the traditional LED lighting arrays of LED-LCD TVs for an array of micrometer-scale LEDs. These MicroLED clusters are built together into modules of around 12-inches by 12-inches, that can then be placed in whatever configuration the manufacturer wants.

It’s because of MicroLED’s modular nature that the N1 can fold up on itself, breaking apart at the seams of two modules, only to come back together the next time you turn the TV on.

So what’s the deal with C Seed? It’s an Austrian design firm that often takes TVs to the next level with industrial design. In fact, its previous M1 Series was the first foldable MicroLED TV on the market. However, it required you to build the TV into the foundation of the house and came in at an even more ridiculous price of $400,000. 

The new N1 doesn’t even come close to the realm of affordability at $200K, but not needing to be built into the foundation of your luxury mansion might tempt some mega millionaire or billionaire out there to buy one. 

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Nick Pino
Managing Editor, TV and AV

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