PS5 Black Edition reveals the stunning design we really want

PS5 Black Edition
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

It’s safe to say that Sony’s PS5 design has divided opinion. Some like it and others find it rather repulsive, with an odd shape and edges that look like a popped up shirt collar. 

However, Sony said that the PS5 will have custom editions that will offer some alternatives to the current two-tone design. That was all Giuseppe Spinelli needed to prompt the digital artist to work with LetsGoDigital to create a concept render of a black PS5. 

Dubbed the PS5 Black Edition, Spinelli’s design essentially reimagines the PS5 in a black livery, with no hints of a two-tone finish in sight. The only other colors come in the form of the blue lighting around the PS5’s vent edges, which also turn orange presumably when the PS5 is in an energy-saving mode much like the PS4’s light strip does. 

And with the black finish, the PS5’s vertical edges, which seem to serve no purpose except to trap the dust that inevitably gathers around TV and entertainment setups, don't look as ostentatious as they arguably do in the vanilla console. 

The all-black color scheme also means that when they are illuminated the cooling vents become more prominent. We’re not sure that this is something we’d necessarily rave about, but for people who like such features on sports cars from the likes of Lamborghini, it could have some appeal. 

Given Sony has released white and grey versions of its PlayStation consoles in the past, as well as custom-designed consoles as part of major game launches, it’s not hard to imagine that this Black Editon concept will become a reality in some form or another. And for people who would rather hide their games console away in an entertainment unit or behind a TV, the black color scheme could help make the PS5 less eye-catching in a good way. 

All things considered, while Sony has done something a bit different with console design in the PS5. But the most interesting stuff will happen under the chassis. 

The PS5 will come with 10.28 teraflops of power, have support for ray-tracing and 3D audio, and come with a blazingly fast SSD, all of which promise some serious next-generation gaming especially with the exclusive games the PS5 is set to get

Roland Moore-Colyer

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  • UrfWzrd
    I liked the design of PS5, not so sure about the controller though.

    If you want to see an ugly console, look for XBOX. The first, the last, they successed to keep the ugliest record in each and every generation.