The Hawkeye trailer is here — we’ve got 5 questions for the Disney Plus show

Hawkeye show on Disney Plus
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The first Hawkeye show trailer just dropped, and our bows are stocked with questions. The series, which stars Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, looks to be Renner's last ride as an active superhero. In fact, it starts off with him being one step away from saying he's 'too old for this.'

The great news is that the trailer, for the upcoming Disney Plus show, gives us a bit of preview of the banter between Renner and Bishop. Plus, it's wintertime, which gives the show a holiday theme to run with. But for everything this clip provides, we're left asking questions.

Here are the five things we need to know about the Hawkeye show on Disney Plus.

1. Is Clint Barton coming home for Christmas?

The answer is probably yes, but the trailer starts off with Clint leaving his family as he is concerned about a new Hawkeye/Ronin who is making headlines. Yes, this appears to be taking place post-Endgame, and Barton's (almost) freed from his duties as an Avenger.

But now that we see he's getting back into the action, we're worried for his family (again). Yes, the Bartons have a history of attracting trouble, and since Yelena Belova is still in play, we're not sure how well this show will go for the family. 

2. How did this Kate Bishop get so good?

Hawkeye show on Disney Plus

(Image credit: Disney)

There have been a couple of instances of Kate Bishop (that new Hawkeye) we've seen in the comics. At first, in the Young Avengers and Hawkeye, we met her as the original Hawkeye had died. 

Then, in the iconic Hawkeye run from Matt Fraction and David Aja, we find her and Hawkeye running together, with the latter mentoring the former to replace him. That seems to be how this run will go, but when we meet Bishop this time, she's already thinking of herself as "the world's greatest archer."

So, how did she luck into that skillset?

3. Is this Die Hard with bows and arrows?

The Christmastime look, and plenty of explosions, has us thinking Hawkeye will bring back that eternal debate of "Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?" Before this trailer hit, we didn't think of Hawkeye as a 'Christmas show' but its timing on the calendar (debuting Thanksgiving week) sure fits the idea. 

That said, we're curious how the time of the year will fit into the story of Barton and Bishop. It makes some sense, because of handing down the bow and arrow as a present of sorts, but how much will Hawkeye lean into its slot on the calendar?

4. Why is Hawkeye wearing a hearing aide?

Tom's Guide editor Tom Pritchard pointed this out in our Slack: Jeremy Renner's wearing a hearing aide in the Hawkeye trailer. We don't remember that from the MCU, so clearly we're going to get more inspiration from the Hawkeye comics than just the Fraction/Aja run's story about handing down the bow and arrow and fighting street crime.

The story of Hawkeye's hearing aide dates back to the comics, when Hawkeye was stabbed in his ears with arrows by the villainous Clown. This makes some sense, as we already know the Clown will be in the series — but will we see this despicable and violent act? 

Barton even learns sign language after this happens. Will the Disney Plus series retread this story?

5. Where are all the villains?

We see a lot of shadowy (could this trailer be any darker?) baddies, but the trailer gives us little in terms of who Barton and Bishop will be fighting. 

Good thing we already kjnow that The Clown (played by actor Fra Freed) aka Kazi aka Kazimierz Kazimierczak is going to be hunting Barton in the show. We also expect comic book baddies the Tracksuit Dracula mafia to appear.

But how will they be depicted? How much darker will this show get?

Hawkeye debuts on Disney Plus on Nov. 24, 2021.

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