The best Netflix show you're not watching is coming back next month

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Netflix produces an awful lot of content. With so many new shows and movies hitting the streaming service every single week it’s natural that some gems fall through the cracks, and that’s definitely the case with Love, Death & Robots (though we rank it as one of the best shows on Netflix). This animated analogy series is seriously good but has never quite grown beyond a cult following.

Thankfully, while it never seems to dominate the Netflix most-watched list, at least some subscribers (though that number seems to be shrinking, as more people canceled Netflix than subscribed for the first time in a decade, and it's pushing Netflix to consider ads and account sharing crackdowns) must be pressing play because the streamer has just announced that season 3 debuts on May 20. This third volume will be comprised of eight new episodes (just like season 2). It’s a shame we’re not getting 18 as we did in season 1, but at this point, fans should just be grateful the show’s not yet on the increasingly lengthy list of Netflix shows canceled in 2022

If never watched Love, Death & Robots, realize (as noted above) it's an anthology series. That means that (just like with Black Mirror and Apple TV Plus' Roar) that each episode is standalone and not connected to the previous by plot or characters. Furthermore, each installment is directed by somebody new and is animated by a different animated studio. This means that episodes can vary wildly in both look and tone. Some episodes are comedic 3D-animated shorts, and some are super bleak cartoons. There are even a couple that mix both animation and live-action. 

The voice cast also changes with each episode but plenty of famous faces have lent their vocal cords to the show including Michael B. Jordan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John DiMaggio, and Nolan North. The series is executive produced by legendary director David Fincher as well as Tim Miller (Deadpool).

The currently available 26 episodes of Love, Death & Robots are well worth binging ahead of season 3 hitting Netflix next month. Even better, each episode runs for 20 minutes max, with some clocking in at less than 10 minutes. This makes Love, Death & Robots the perfect show to watch when you need to kill a little bit of time but don’t have enough to commit to a full episode of a longer series. 

While we expect Love, Death & Robots season 3 to offer more of the show’s excellent mix of dystopian storytelling and dark humor, at least one episode will be a little different this time around, breaking from the anthology format. The second episode of season 1, called "Three Robots," will be getting a sequel in season 3. The original episode, which centers on three robots wandering around a post-apocalyptic city, is a firm fan favorite, so seems a natural fit for a follow-up. 

Once you’re all caught up on the first two seasons of Love, Death & Robots, there’s still plenty to watch this month that will keep you busy until season 3 of the show hits Netflix on May 20. 

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