Sony TVs 2020: 8K TVs, OLED TVs and every 4K Sony TV

Sony 2020 TVs - Sony X950H 4K TV
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Sony recently unveiled its 2020 TV lineup and its led by a brand-new, big-screen 8K model and more compact, 48-inch OLED.

Although the new Sony 2020 TVs aren’t coming out until later this spring, it’s possible some of them will earn a spot among our best TV list. We have the first details of every 8K, 4K OLED, and 4K LED set Sony has on the docket, all of which will run on the Android 9 Pie smart TV platform and sport the company’s proprietary Picture Processor X1 Ultimate chip. Sony's 2020 TVs will also introduce Ambient Optimization, a new technology that automatically adjusts a set’s picture and sound quality to best suit its surroundings. 

When more information about the Sony 2020 TVs features, specs and pricing becomes available, we’ll update this story to reflect what you’ll want to know if you’re considering a new set from the manufacturer this year.

Here's everything we know so far about the Sony 2020 TV lineup.

Sony Z8H 8K TV: Better in every way

Sony 2020 TVs - Sony Z8H 8K TV

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The Sony Z8H 8K TV, coming in 75- and 85-inch sizes, leads the Sony 2020 TV lineup. Following up last year’s Z9G 8K TV, the Z8H promises lifelike detail in its massive 7680 x 4320 resolution. Similar to the 8K offerings among the Samsung 2020 TVs and LG 2020 TVs, Sony’s Z8H should produce the sharp pictures, powerful contrast and true blacks of a full-array LED panel with local dimming.

Sony’s new Acoustic Multi-Audio feature turns the Z8H’s entire frame into a tweeter. By vibrating the set’s frame, sound stays in sync with the picture and seems to jump directly out of the display. 

Z8H owners will benefit from a new backlit remote, too. And if they’d prefer to control the set with their voice, the Z8H’s built-in, far-field mics are Google Assistant-enabled. Just talk to the screen to search for entertainment or control your smart home devices.

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Sony Z8H 8K LED Smart TV
Model nameSizePrice
XBR-75Z8H75 inches$6,999
XBR-85Z8H85 inches$9,999

The 85-inch Z8H OLED is the more widely-available of the two, and sells for $9,999. Thanks to both the smaller size of the 2020 models and the improvements in 8K TV manufacturing, the Z8H models are dramatically more affordable than last year's 98-inch Z9G, which cost a ridiculous $69,999.

Sony A9S Master Series OLED TV: The smallest Sony 4K OLED ever

The 48-inch A9S Master Series OLED is another stand-out among the Sony 2020 TVs. As the smallest OLED the company has offered to date, the A9S brings the best elements of the near-perfect Sony A9G OLED TV to a compact vehicle. 

Manufacturers seem to be gauging interest in smaller OLED sets (and subsequently OLEDs that don’t break the bank). The A9S’s central aluminum stand provides further placement flexibility and, for some, could make owning an gorgeous OLED a bit more in reach.

The A9S Master Series OLED includes Sony’s Acoustic Multi-Audio technology and new Frame Tweeter technology, which makes audio sound like its coming directly out of the screen.

Sony A8H OLED: Mid-size OLEDs with major improvements

Sony 2020 TVs - Sony A8H OLED TV

(Image credit: Sony)

One step below the A9G is the Sony Bravia A8H OLED TV. It doesn’t look different from any unit Sony has offered before, but it has a couple of notable tricks up its sleeves. With a surprisingly competitive price, it might be the manufacturer's most all-around appealing OLED yet.

It features Sony’s X-Motion Clarity technology, which was previously reserved for full-array LCD TVs. On an OLED, Sony says X-Motion Clarity will be a way to obtain the natural motion effect you get from black frame insertion technology without the blow to brightness black frame insertion normally causes.

The A8H comes in 55- and 65-inch sizes, and features the same new Acoustic Surface sound technology found in the A9S and Z8H.

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Model nameSizePrice
XBR-55A8H55 inches$1,899
XBR-65A8H65 inches$2,799

The Sony Bravia A8H OLED is available now. The 55-inch model sells for $1,899 and the 65-inch model for $2,799.

Sony X950H 4K LED TV: What most will want

Sony 2020 TVs - Sony X950H 4K TV

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Moving down to the mid-range Sony 2020 TVs, the X950H could land in the sweet spot of premium features without the OLED price tag. The LCD set has complete 4K HDR support and the same Picture Processor X1 Ultimate chip powering the sets above. 

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Sony X950H 4K LED
Model nameSizePrice
XBR-49X950H49 inches$999
XBR-55X950H55 inches$1,199
XBR-65X950H65 inches$1,699
XBR-75X950H75 inches$2,799
XBR-85X950H85 inches$3,999

The X950H also includes X-Wide Angle on the 55- and 65-inch models which should improve viewing angles. Poor off-angle viewing performance is typically a disadvantage of LCD TVs compared to OLED models.

Like the Z8H, the X950H has built-in microphones that let you speak to Google Assistant to control the set and any of the best Google Home compatible devices

The X950H is available in 49-, 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inch sizes, starting at $999.

X900H 4K LED TV: Next Gen TV-compatible

Sony 2020 TVs - Sony X900H 4K TV

(Image credit: Sony)

Towards the bottom of the Sony 2020 TVs lineup is the X900H 4K LED TV. Coming in 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inch models, the X900H’s likely-budget pricing is enhanced by diamond-cut bezel and the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate chip. 

What’s curious about the X900H is that it’s the only Sony 2020 TV listed with the ATSC 3.0 tuner, also known as Next Gen TV. NextGen TV is a major upgrade, offering 4K resolution and HDR content for over-the-air broadcasting, along with dramatically better sound and interactive features. LG also announced models with Next Gen TV compatibility, but they’re all on the higher-end of its offerings.

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Sony X900H 4K LED
Model nameSizePrice
XBR-55X900H55 inches$999
XBR-65X900H65 inches$1,399
XBR-75X900H75 inches$2,199
XBR-85X900H85 inches$2,799

X800H 4K LED TV: More Android smart TVs available now

(Image credit: Amazon)

Rounding out the the Sony 2020 TVs is the X800H. The Android TV-powered set uses Google Assistant to give easy access to content and control over connected smart home devices. You can also pair Alexa to stream smart camera feeds with your voice.

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Sony X800H 4K LED
Model nameSizePrice
XBR-43X800H43 inches$599
XBR-49X800H49 inches$649
XBR-55X800H55 inches$799
XBR-65X800H65 inches$999
XBR-75X800H75 inches$1,399
XBR-85X800H85 inches$1,999

The 43-inch model sells for $599, and scales up to 85 inches for $1,999.

Bottom line

This is all the information we have so far on the Sony 2020 TVs, but we expect the company to announce or confirm more details as we approach the anticipated launch of the new lineup this spring. We'll be updating this page with new information as we get it, so check back to stay up to date on all the new Sony OLED and 4K LED sets arriving in 2020.

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