Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 colors just leaked

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 render
A Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 render showing what the phone could look like (Image credit: Jermain Smit/ LetsGoDigital)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 could come in a quartet of colors: Light Violet, Green, Beige and Black, according to prominent leaker Ice Universe

This gives us a better picture of what the next flip-phone style foldable from Samsung could look like, and hints that color inspiration could have been drawn from the violet Samsung Galaxy S21

Violet and black color options make sense. They seem like the follow-ups to the Mirror Purple and Mirror Black colors that Samsung offered on the original Galaxy Z Flip, and black is a common color to find on smartphones in general.

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Green is less common, but beige is particularly unusual. Samsung did offer the Galaxy Z Flip 5G in Mystic Bronze, an uncommon color but one that looks great thanks to its metallic highlights. It's hard to imagine a flatly-textured beige looking attractive on a phone, even one with a futuristic folding body.

All four of these color options have been rumored previously, so it feels reasonable to believe this leak is legitimate. We might have even seen these colors in leaked Samsung promotional material.

These may not be the only options in the long term. Industry analyst Ross Young tweeted in May that there would be eight total colors, with black, white, dark blue and pink also being offered by Samsung. He said that only four would get "most of the volume" however, which may reflect why we've heard less about these other four hues.

Whichever colors become a reality, from the leaks so far, the Z Flip 3 appears to have a two-tone design with the camera bump and miniature external display being housed in a black section. Otherwise the phone seems to look similar to its predecessor, supposedly sporting two external cameras and another embedded in a punch-hole in the main inside display.

There are more changes rumored for the hardware. These include a larger battery, a bigger external display and the widely-made assumption it will use a Snapdragon 888 flagship chip. The most recent launch rumors claim the Z Flip 3 will be revealed alongside the larger Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in August or possibly July.

What's more, Samsung is said to be cutting the price compared to the first Z Flip. That would be excellent news for users who've been put off buying a foldable due to their increased price compared to the best phones that don't fold.

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