Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra stunning concept video brings rumored upgrades to life

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra concept
(Image credit: 4RMD)

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is likely at least five to six months away, but there have already been plenty of rumors about the kind of upgrades Samsung has in mind to make next year’s flagship a hit. 

Now, a new concept video from the YouTuber 4RMD helps us imagine what the various changes would look like if Samsung were to put a flashy teaser of its own together.

The changes highlighted are largely based on current rumors, and suffice it to say, if all of them come true, then the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will be a strong contender to top our list of the best smartphones when it launches early next year.  

Straight off the bat, we see a reference to the new rumored titanium frame. This is the same material that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to be using, thanks to it being both stronger and lighter than the steel used on Apple’s current flagships. Despite Samsung already using a lightweight “Armor Aluminum” on its premium smartphones, rumor has it that the new handset will be around a gram lighter than the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The curved frame is slightly eyebrow-raising, and feels far from certain, given Samsung’s previous Ultra models have all sported a flat top and bottom edge. But it’s certainly a look we can get behind if the company feels like shaking things up.  

The display is tipped to grow by 0.1 inch to a total of 6.9 inches, and the rumor that the OLED panel will now be 144Hz is also included here. Internally, the video tips the phone as featuring the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, 16GB RAM and a slightly larger battery at 5,500mAh (the S23 Ultra packs a 5,000mAh cell). 

The S23 Ultra is already one of the best camera phones around, and its successor looks set to improve on things further. Here 4RMD highlights the rumored 50MP telephoto lens and improved low-light capture on the 200MP camera, thanks to its reported larger sensor

The video speculates that as well as the usual Phantom White, Purple, Black and Gold color schemes, a couple of exclusives will be offered directly from Samsung: red and green. Both look extremely stylish, and we hope Samsung is taking notes.

While these specs are based on leaks and rumors, nothing is certain until Samsung officially launches the handset. But expect to see the shape of the handset firm up in the months leading up to its expected February 2024 release. 

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  • Zachary 99
    Looks like a regression. Then again, accounting for them potentially using an exynos processor and learning absolutley nothing, it seems fitting of Samsung. Regardless, these concepts mean nothing until something is official from Samsung. Either way, I'm not holding my breath.