Samsung Galaxy S22 release date could be pushed back a month

Renders allegedly of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus phone, on a white background
(Image credit: OnLeaks/

The Samsung Galaxy S22 may arrive later in 2022 than expected, with the latest tip suggesting that the new Samsung Galaxy could arrive in late February.

That’s according to SamMobile, which was reportedly tipped off that the Galaxy S22 will arrive February 28 and that the phone will be showcased at a Galaxy Unpacked event just before Mobile World Congress next year in Barcelona. If you’re getting feelings of nostalgia, that’s because Samsung used to do this in the past. 

But the Samsung Galaxy S21 was introduced in January this year, so if the Galaxy S22 comes out at the end of February or later, it will effectively be a delay on its expected launch date. We can’t confirm SamMobile’s sources, so do take this with a grain of salt. 

Pushing back the release of the Galaxy S22 would make sense as going by the claimed leaks and rumors so far, it’s looking like the next flagship Galaxy phone will be a big upgrade over its predecessor. 

We’re expecting improved cameras, with up to a 200MP sensor, and the rumored Exynos 2200, which is expected to contain graphics processing from AMD to give it a serious GPU boost; it could even include ray tracing support. A trio of models is expected: standard, Plus and Ultra handsets. And rather oddly, all are tipped to get slightly smaller displays. 

Furthermore, while the Galaxy Note might look like its dead, Samsung is rumored to be incorporating the best Note features, like the S Pen, into the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Effectively, the Note could live on via the S-series, while Samsung focuses its mid-year phones on foldables. 

As such, the Galaxy S22 coming later than expected could give Samsung more time to make a killer suite of smartphones, which it will need to do in order to take on the impressive iPhone 13 range, as well as the upcoming Google Pixel 6.  

Roland Moore-Colyer

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